Pigtronix Intros Infinity 3, “The World’s Most Musical Looping Pedal”

Pigtronix has introduced Infinity 3, described as “the world’s most musical looping pedal,” and the Universal Remote controller.

The Infinity 3 is designed to be simple to operate, but powerful and flexible. It features instantaneous record, playback, dub, undo and redo, on two stereo loop pairs that can be played in series or parallel as well as synchronized and cue’d for automatic playback.

Pigtronix says that Infinity 3 also “sounds downright incredible”, thanks to its discrete analog limiter stages, transparent analog pass-through and 24 bit HD recording engine, with variable sample rate that can be incremented in semitones over two octaves. It offers about 3 hours of recording time.

Comprehensive MIDI control and intelligent MIDI clock jitter correction let you link Infinity 3 to your DAW, Drum Machine or other effects pedals.

The Universal Remote is a passive controller with three momentary footswitches. It’s compatible with a wide range of digital effects pedals from Pigtronix and other manufacturers.

When connected to an effects pedal using a standard TRS ¼” cable, Universal Remote can perform three independent functions: Left footswitch shorts the Tip to Sleeve, the Right footswitch shorts the Ring to Sleeve and the Center footswitch shorts both Tip and Ring to Sleeve simultaneously.

Pricing and Availabilty:

The Infinity 3 is available now for 419 US MAP, and the Universal Remote for $79 US MAP.

6 thoughts on “Pigtronix Intros Infinity 3, “The World’s Most Musical Looping Pedal”

  1. Nice form factor. Having a third track to work with would get me to consider ditching my Boomerang III looper, but alas. Also there’s no reverse effect on this, and for whatever reason they made it so this looper can only apply effects globally and not per-track??

  2. Pigtronix lost me on the infinity when it would not respond to midi messages, and after a couple months of tech support and firmware updates that didn’t work, I sent back and got something else.

    1. LOL!!! So true… Honestly tho I love Pigtronix ever since I had an issue with their first looper and the guy that designed and created the pedal reached out to me personally and spent quite a bit of time helping me out and explaining how to best use the pedal!!!

  3. I think this second camera looking at the guy looking at the main camera malarkey was annoying when it first came out, and now it’s just super annoying

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