SHTICK Is A Tiny & Cheap Noise Synth

Moffenzeef Modular has introduced SHTICK, described as ‘a tiny and cheap noise synth’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Plug it intø a USB pørt tø pøwer it. The audiø øutput is line level with an 1/8” jack øutput . Pushing the buttøn randømizes all parameters øf the algørithm.

Yøu cannøt cøntrøl ør tame the øutput øf SHTICK.


Pricing and Availability

SHTICK is available now for $25 USD.

35 thoughts on “SHTICK Is A Tiny & Cheap Noise Synth

        1. I’ve noticed comments lately, I assume from very young people, using “boomer” to to mean someone who complains or soapboxes. I don’t think they have any clue that “baby boomer” refers to a generation.

        2. You do realise you’re totally wrong, right?
          Synths existed pre-Boomer age and experiments with noise were already done in the beginning of the 20th century.

      1. @Broken Juno 106 voice “I hear useable waveforms which you can sample and use.”

        If you have the equipment to sample this thing, then you have the equipment to make all of the sounds it produces. (Or maybe you only have a sampler, IDK)

    1. wow. “interesting” to still hear this opinion with more than 100 years of noise music history since Roussolo.
      you never cease to amaze by demonstrating the size of the stone you live under.
      anyways, this synth doesn’t have a screen.

    1. Not sure how MIDI would be advantageous, syncing? Triggering with a keyboard/sequencer? I just don’t see the need on this one.
      I agree with Broken Juno: I hear some very usable sounds coming out of this thing.
      When I think of a noise synth, I think of products from companies like Error Instruments or Metasonix. The sounds from this device are highly musical compared to sounds I hear from synths produced by Error or Metasonix.
      It is highly likely I will purchase this.

    1. True point…my wife complains about my Dreadbox modular setup being mostly bleeps and bloops. Can’t imagine what she would think of this…

  1. Only thing I would like to tame: pitch. It would be really helpful to have a way to keep a constant pitch for easier sampling. I have a terrible ear for tuning ;(

  2. For those of us who spent a lot of time as a child cycling through the car alarm sounds on those little toy space gun keychains.

    1. “a lot of time as a child…”

      Child…? Hah! I’d graduated university by the time those things hit the local Toys-R-Us. I grabbed a cool fistful and spent hours cycling through the car alarm sounds a half-dozen at a time. Loved those little f*ers. :^D

  3. It is cool, I just wish instead of just a button it had a infinity encoder that would morph to the next random patch since pairing that with the nts1 would make an awesome pocket drone setup

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