TC Electronic Says JUNE-60 V2 Now A Closer Match To Roland Juno-60 Chorus

TC Electronic has introduced the JUNE-60 V2, and updated version of their Roland Juno-60 inspired chorus effect pedal.

Many synthesists found the original JUNE-60 lacking, because it wasn’t true stereo and didn’t sound like the Juno-60 chorus.

TC says that the v2 model is “Reworked from the ground up” to deliver true stereo output and that they’ve added internal DIP switches that let you adjust the LFO speed to be closer to the original’s.

Pricing and Availability

The JUNE-60 V2 is available now for $59.

Update: Synthesist Espen Kraft shared this video, demonstrating some tweaks that you can make on the original JUNE-60 that help tone down the pronounced LFO tremolo effect.

45 thoughts on “TC Electronic Says JUNE-60 V2 Now A Closer Match To Roland Juno-60 Chorus

  1. looks like a cool upgrade but i wish instead of the impedance and dip switches being on the inside, they would have just had them on the back of the pedal –

  2. I thought the first version was supposed to be the perfect recreation of the Juno 60 chorus. At least, that’s what they told us. The reviews proved the opposite. I think I’ll wait a year and see the verdict on this one.

  3. it’s a clone… why not call this a short on creativity… why not call this “skimpin”

    because the news here is they are skimping less.

    1. Hate that name ‘Music Tribe’ like they imagine they are some sort of leaderless collective, or a kookie bunch of ravers. It’s so disingenuous – they are a megalocorp selling Chinese-manufactured musical gear.

  4. I don’t use choruses much, but the various modeled ones that are in my digital multi-fx sound good enough. I do remember liking the stereo “lushness” of the 106’s chorus, but not enough to need this. I’m also not such a fan of minimalist designs that don’t provide much user-input for adjusting the sound. I guess in this case, and perhaps for choruses generally, you can find a “sweet spot” and not change it much.

  5. Let’s hope this sounds decent. I swear folk overate this chorus though. Most of those old analog Boss Chorus/Ensemble pedals and rack units completely get somewhere in the ball park with a ton more versatility.

    1. What makes the Juno60 chorus great is that it is true stereo. That’s what TC got wrong the first time and it’s why the V1 probably didn’t sell that well. There are hardly any true stereo analog choruses out there, with dual BBDs. The Boss dimension C is possibly the only mainstream one, but that is not really a chorus. Most analog choruses create stereo by phase reversing one output and feeding it to the other output.Which renders it pretty much unusable in a studio context.

      1. The Juno60 chorus is NOT true stereo. The sound source in Juno is mono, the chorus is mono in stereo out. It doesn’t do this by inverting the signal outputs as you describe. It does it by using two modulated BBD lines (one per each channel) with inverted modulation. The TC v1 did exactly the same.

  6. Is this the new business model: “we made a more perfect thing of the perfect thing” ?

    And then:

    – It is just some chorus with 3 fixed timing and modulation settings accessible via the panel.
    – Dip Switches on the inside are a pain.
    – The Presentation was rly cheesy in a late stage capitalism way.
    – TC was acquired by behringer not long ago.
    – They put wooden side panels on a stomp box *XD*

    Yes others make MK2-3-4 of products too but they are usually big updates or completely rebuilt hardware, (circuit -> circuit tracks, all the revisions of sequential synts, moog sub37 -> subsequent37, etc etc …).

    This is not a rant – i cannot take this serious enough to rant XD

    1. TC Electronic used to be a pretty well-respected company, but now it looks like they’ve been forced to follow the Behringer formula of knocking out shit, gussied up with some retro styling to bump up the price.

      This is a generic chorus effect that’s supposed to sort of knockoff a Juno-60, which is just fucking weird when you consider that they’re marketing it ot guitarists. How many guitarists know what a Juno-60 is or even care?

    2. You can’t even take it seriously enough to make a coherent argument. “It is just some chorus with 3 fixed timing and modulation settings accessible via the panel”. Ehhhh… yes, that’s what the Juno60 chorus is.

      1. Glad you fully agree and backup my “non coherent” argument then!

        “It is just some chorus with 3 fixed timing and modulation settings”

        Guess when you type out exactly the same i did it suddenlyl becomes fully coherent. XD

    3. I like to call this business model the “Gibson Les Paul business model”, because the Gibson company is doing this for close to 30 years now.

      “Hey Look, we’ve got a more authentic recreation of a 50’s Les Paul! But we’ll add the actual year to the model name and call this the Les Paul 2021 model! …just so we can repeat this step next year, claim it’s even *more* authentic and call that Les Paul 2022 model!”


      1. LOL, that is an awesome name, although I don’t much care what they call it. The only comparable product to an MF-101 is the $500 Erica Acid Box. All the other filter pedals I know are envelope/autowah guitar pedals that only make duck quack noises and don’t let you put the cutoff in a fixed position. Uli or one of his subsidiaries could easily step in and rectify that for less than $200.

        The MF-101 is popular and expensive on the used market, and the June-60 chorus proves that TC have an appetite for making these kind of products that are “one part of a classic synth.” It seems to me like a natural fit and I would definitely buy one.

        1. so you don’t know analog filters much. it was kind of popular product at the 2000s (“warm up your cold plugins”)
          there are many filters pedal/dekstop filter units comparable the mf101, some are less complex and some much more. many of the 2000s filters not manufactured anymore but you can still buy new stand alone filters from brands like waldorf, vermona, jomox, sherman and lots of other small brands.

          you can also put one or two of the 1000< eurorack filter inside a 4ms pod case with any modulation you like…

      1. Yes, but they seem to have better quality control. I have a few TC things built in Taiwan, so, not the Behringer city in China.

        1. behrigner bought tc electronic about 5 years ago, tc products today are made in china including this pedal. before it was made in thailand

  7. isak eliyahu (facebook only) making a batch of perfect clones based on the same exact circuit of the juno’s, same bbd’s/clock but with much more versatile control including knobs for depth, rate, stereo width and input gain

    1. Would’ve liked to know more about that but I don’t have Facebook and love to keep it that way. Can’t understand why people wanna be exclusive to one of the worst platforms ever created.

      1. Probably because they are not on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, Discord and Squarespace and love to keep it that way 😉

        1. all social platforms are shitty because of the users. crowds are stupid.
          surprisingly we are all well-mannered care bears here at synthtopia 🙂

  8. Might be cool for a JP-8080 to give it a more ‘Juno’ sound.
    Set and Forget style…
    IF it’s true stereo that is.

  9. Shame on all the ‘spoked haters’….we musicians should be thankful that no matter if it is a piece of crap or a golden piece of equipment we have something “new/improve/accesible” almost on daily basis.

    Back in the day you have to wait and wait and wait for either a ‘crappy improvement’ and it toook aeons for a new piece in the market

    Really this ‘new generations need something to shook the carpet under your feet to appreciate the good the bad and the ugly!


    1. i get where you coming from but taking things for granted, bitchin and saying it could be better is important factor in improvement. there is no progress when you just appreciate everything, there is no reason 🙂
      bitching and entitlement is the progression fuel 🙂

  10. How stupid.. TC made a lot of great pedals back in the 80s. Personally I remember the programable phaser thwt I used for my Rhodes piano… why not clone themselves for a start?!

  11. Oh no, I recently bought the first iteration… that’s really a bummer. And yeah, it’s an amazing chorus for the price, as good as EHX’s, but not really reminiscent of the Juno’s.

    1. it is really good and surprisingly musical (the original one with ext input mod) and i’m not so into the juno’s series.
      it can be overused easily but this is usually a good sigh, the only shame is the controls are so limited.
      still just a chorus.

  12. Behringer has had a bunch of these f***-ups lately, where they release a knockoff and people immediately point out obvious problems with the copies.

    The telling thing about this one is that they don’t seem to have made any attempt to match the original Juno-60 sound, but nailed matching superficial stuff like the paint color and the typeface used.

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