LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth Machine Hands-On Demo

In this video, Red Means Recording shares a hands-on demo of the new Sonic Potions and Erica Synths LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth.

The LXR-02 is described as “a complex standalone drum synthesizer with a powerful integrated sequencer”. It features six voices: three multipurpose drum voices, a dedicated subtractive clap/snare voice, FM percussion voice, and a hi-hat voice.

Pricing and Availability

The Sonic Potions and Erica Synths LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth is available to pre-0rder for about $600.

6 thoughts on “LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth Machine Hands-On Demo

  1. I love Jeremy’s demos and was surprised to see it was RMR on here – wouldn’t have guessed from the original post’s picture.

  2. It has some interesting and cool features like the patch morph, but god, the UI…it would take some time to memorize all the abbreviations. But they probably needed to keep the cost down.

  3. Is there a direct correlation between case dimension and price? I find fiddly-diminutive off-putting. I won’t even look at Volca or Roland Boutique for this reason.

  4. Ugh RMR demos are the worst. This guy sounds so high on himself every time. Thankfully he has his ambient channel where he closes his damn mouth

    1. i heard only the first few seconds and stopped it for that reason. good to know i’m not the only one.

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