Super MIDI Pak Turns Your SNES Into A MIDI Synthesizer

Super MIDI Pak is a new ROM cartridge for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) that turns it into a MIDI synthesizer.

The Pak gives your SNES MIDI In/Out connectors, so you can play it or sequence it using standard MIDI keyboards, sequencers and software.


  • Compatible with Super Famicom, NTSC/PAL Super Nintendo, and Super NT
  • 16 polyphonic midi channels with independent settings multiplexing over 8 voices
  • Standard MIDI sustain, sostenuto, legato switch, portamento (glide), pitch bend, vibrato, pan, volume
  • MIDI mono mode (mode 4) with legato operation
  • All SPC700 DSP registers are directly writable via CC messages, including echo registers
  • Comes with Square Wave, Sine Wave, Triangle Wave, and Sawtooth samples. New samples can be uploaded via WebMidi application, automatically converts from SPC/WAV/SF2 formats.
  • USB Micro-B and 3.5″ TRS Type A MIDI interfaces, cables not included
  • USB interface is galvanically isolated to prevent ground loop noise
  • Save / restore device state across power off and reset
  • Play existing SPC files
  • Companion web application can convert samples from WAV and SPC files and upload them to the synth
  • Firmware upgradeable

Pricing and Availability

Super MIDI Pak is available to pre-order for $99.99 USD.

11 thoughts on “Super MIDI Pak Turns Your SNES Into A MIDI Synthesizer

  1. i had a wayfar MIDInes for a while

    it was a perfect combo for the Octatrack, considering how it handled MIDI

    fun little synth, especially the sample channel

  2. This put through guitar pedals, or Hainbachs Wires etc will generate a near infinite set of naughtiness. As does any Yamaha prs keyboard of the same era. Leap over the 80’s,90’s,00’s in a single pound (remembering to land on one knee) oh the pain. That’s where the parameters will be.

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