Arturia Updates V Collection With Microtuning Support & More

Arturia let us know that they’ve updated V Collection, their collection of virtual instruments, with microtuning support, NKS compatibility and more.

Here’s what’s new in Arturia V Collection 8.1:

  • Microtuning compatibility – You can now explore microtonal tunings with OB-Xa V, Vocoder V, Emulator II V, Jup-8 V, and Jun-6 V, thanks to compatibility with ODDSound’s MTS-ESP, a microtuning software utility designed with the help of Aphex Twin.
  • NKS ready – Every title in V Collection is now ready for Native Kontrol Standard implementation.
  •  OB-Xa V – updated with detailed analog voice dispersion, improved envelope behavior, VCO sync and more.
  • Analog Lab V accessibility – their all-in-one keyboard anthology has been updated with text-to-speech functionality, providing real-time audio feedback with every tweak and preset change – you can even configure it to respond to your MIDI controller adjustments.
  • More in-app tutorial updates – many of the in-app tutorials have been updated to be more informative and accessible.
  • MIDI / macro improvements –  including MIDI CC assignment, macro customization, and a number of workflow improvements.

You can preview the updated Arturia V Collection 8.1 via the video embedded above. Upgrade details are available at the Arturia site.

17 thoughts on “Arturia Updates V Collection With Microtuning Support & More

      1. i like that there is no connection to aphex twin accept that it a product from arturia now support another software he help to design.
        it’s like aphex is the face of microtuning 🙂

          1. you missed the point, it doesn’t matter how known he is, putting his picture because it support a software he was involve in is almost like putting a picture of dave smith next to a new keyboard that support midi 🙂
            shore, i will be happy to help you with some recommendation, alexi perala does wonderful microtuning, also some of d’arcangelo, impakt,
            lindrum larry cocopipe, rolando simmons…

  1. MEGA news to add ODDsound support, let’s hope they add it to their other plugins, MTS ESP is amazingly good, it makes sense that Arturia recognised this.

  2. Spanish Flea by The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms implements extensive and devastating use of microtuning. The whole LP does. Bucket-list recording for all.

  3. I’m kind of tired of seeing this dudes face on product announcements or updates, even if he was involved. A cult of personality is a bit tiring when there are other artists who use these features too.

  4. It’s cool to see RDJ turning into the lead microtuning consultant for the music gear industry. Everyone needs a respectable adult job eventually and it’s great to see support for microtuning going mainstream.

  5. Who cares if you see his face, if he can get microtuning to be a standard feature on modern music making tools, that’s all that matters, its SO overdue and so frustrating that 12TET has remained so stubbornly stuck.

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