Behind The Scenes At Dreadbox + New Synths

The latest ProckGnosis features a behind-the-scenes look at Greek synth maker Dreadbox – makers of the Typhon, NYX and Erebus synths.

Developer Yiannis Diakoumakos gives a tour of the company’s offices and workshop, and shares some hints about some of the new synths that they’re working on.

Video timeline:

00:23 – Introduction (beer and band babble)
03:38 – Touring the new offices
13:19 – Touring the new workshop

The video tour is a follow up to the 2018 Dreadbox studio tour, embedded below:

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes At Dreadbox + New Synths

  1. See THIS is a company worthy of support. Not only do they develop amazing and unique high end designs but they also serve the low cost end of the market for those looking to get synths and get started without breaking the bank. As opposed to another company who purports to do some of those things but only copies others and has no integrity.

    1. I love Dreadbox, own three of their synths, and use at least one of them every day. That said, I also have a Behringer Odyssey, which I love — it’s built great, sounds amazing, and adds to the original. So much better than the crappy Korg reissues. I’m grateful to B for making such a wonderful instrument available at a tractable price point.

    2. ^This. A smart hybrid approach to manufacturing that keep prices low without comprimising the sound. And damn does Yiannis know analog sound! (And the dude’s got style!)

      Also love the fact that he uses his Greek “heritage” to come up with product names that sound fresh. Their products just feel personal and borne out of love. I say this without owning a single one of their products – but with the coming 6 voice Ny(mph?) and the possible 8 voice Abyss v2, I’m gonna change that.

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