Free Update For Isla Instruments S2400 Sampler Adds 10 Channels Of USB Audio & More

Isla Instruments has announced a major OS update for their S2400 sampler that adds USB Audio, MIDI Tracks & more.

The S2400 is a sampling drum machine, inspired by legendary vintage samplers. It’s designed to add modern convenience and functionality, while retaining old school sound and workflow.

This is the biggest OS update since the S2400’s original release and also includes many other improvements, features and fixes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Full sound card functionality with 2-in / 10-out USB audio (48kHz, 16-bit)
  • Outputs 10 channels of USB Audio. Stereo mix plus eight individual channels
  • USB sampling allows recording of stereo USB Audio from a computer
  • Up to 32 tracks of MIDI recording and playback
  • Can function as MIDI controller with flexible MIDI fader/knob assignments
  • Improvements to Live Looping
  • Enhanced MIDI control of Sample tracks
  • Undo/Redo for pattern editing
  • Many other small improvements and fixes

Here’s video from a streaming session on the update:

Pricing and Availability

The S2400 Sampler OS update is available now, free to all S2400 owners, from the Isla Instruments website.

9 thoughts on “Free Update For Isla Instruments S2400 Sampler Adds 10 Channels Of USB Audio & More

  1. i find it hard to believe that dave rossum and scott wedge were unwilling (or unable?) to remake that classic drum machine icon by themselves.

    1. Most people find the idea of repeating something they did decades ago rather boring. This might be exciting for some, but for them it’s probably just old news.

    2. You forgot “uninterested’.

      Remaking classic gear only makes sense if it’s so perfect in its original incarnation that it’s better not to change it too much. Things like the Minimoog or the Prophet 5.

      When it comes to old digital gear, it would be dumb to remake a LinnDrum or an SP-1200, unless you completely redesign it, because it’s cheaper to make a better piece of gear nowadays than to do one of those OCD reissues.

      The S2400 pays homage the SP-1200, obviously, but it’s also a modern machine that runs circles around the original.

      I’m impressed by how much the S2400 offers for the price – in some ways it’s a step up from comparable Elektron gear.

  2. This looks interesting, but I refuse to buy anything from this company as they did not fulfill their Kordbot promises during the kickstarter campaign. It’s really crappy that they’ve moved on and just left it abandoned. It’s been years since they’ve shipped out Kordbot, but … it just sits abandoned… on my shelf and by Isla. One thing is certain, I’ve since learned to not trust companies that don’t actually have expertise to fulfill their promises and I’ve also learned about Kickstarter’s backer’s protections. So lesson learned I guess.

      1. Lots of bugs and issues – just go look through the forum. The features that were promised have yet to be delivered. Namely the sequencer.

  3. great job! two in two days! happy to see more do this usb audio (also the op-1)
    will be better if there will be a vst plugin even a simple one (not necessarily control and recall)
    just to inject all the channels directly to the daw instead of using aggregate devices or using it as the main sound card.

  4. Is the Isla Instruments S2400 fixed for percussive elements like the original Emu SP-1200 was? Or can the samples pitch-shift with MIDI and have an envelope applied — making it possible to use the S2400 as a chromatic instrument as well? If the latter is possible I’d love to use wavetables with it.

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