18 thoughts on “David Guetta On Making Remixes & Mashups In A Bedroom Studio

  1. Makes me wanna puke and go back in lockdown. I hate these commercial assholes. Stop visiting synthopia after seeing this bullshit

    1. Some people (very few) are going to make a lot of money in the music industry. They are going to be cut down by people who think they’re sellouts, or too commercial or not talented enough for their success. It the end of the day, the stuff he creates at the end of the day is no more or less “art” than the weird wubb-wub-WUB-wub sequences that your giant wall of modular gear produces.

  2. Girlz n Boyz dis is it :
    Davie shows
    You gotta know your audience
    You gotta have a feel for what works together
    You gotta keep it to the genre
    You gotta have one unique element that identifies it in the genre
    You gotta KiSs

  3. It’s fun to see this guy work. It’s obvious he knows his stuff inside and out because he makes such short work about remixing/arranging the track. He also seems to have a blast doing it.

    Can’t understand synthesists that are hung up about dance music artists. I can understand not liking the genre, but you can learn from anybody that knows their shit, and Guetta definitely knows his shit.

  4. Not a fan of his music but can see why others are..Refreshing to see someone enjoying what they do and not hung up on gear acquisition as the driving force.

  5. What the haters are missing is that Guetta and many other DJs are extremely skilled arrangers and producers that consistently make music that people love.

    This is probably the most highly competitive area of music that there is, because it’s lucrative if you can do it well.

    Anybody can make some modular noodle wankery. If you think what Guetta does is easy, let’s see you do it.

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