E-mu SP 1200, The Lo-Fi Dream Machine

In his latest video, Alex Ball takes a look at the classic E-mu Systems SP 1200, a 80’s sampling drum machine that has such a distinctive sound that it’s still in demand, in spite of its many limitations, including 10 seconds of sampling time.

Ball discusses some of the history of the SP 1200, an overview of the features, and also explores how the machine’s limitations forced creative work-arounds.

Check out the video and then share your thoughts on the SP 1200 in the comments!

2 thoughts on “E-mu SP 1200, The Lo-Fi Dream Machine

  1. When things are happening faster these days
    Something simpler as this really suits these times
    Faster workflow.

    Compared to various drum machines that try to offer a skip full of options,
    slowing down workflow, getting in the way.

  2. These are words of wisdom, Woooo. The sheer variety, complexity, and richness of instruments and effects the average jane schmo has available to her these days can be quite overwhelming, and for relatively low levels of investment. I have fallen down that rabbit hole, and I am slowly climbing my way out. But then I keep getting sucked in by latest and greatest new shiny thing. In the end, though, there is so much to be said for relative levels of complexity thoroughly embedded within relatively simple user controls and interfaces. I can’t pretend to know, but I wonder if Ujam is a company that understands this, and is heading in this direction. I just bought Striiiings and Drums a couple days ago, and have yet to find the time to explore them, but in looking at their marketing they seem to understand this dilemma. Thoughts, ideas, comments anyone?

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