Moon Modular 569 Sequencer Hands-On Demo

Synthesist John L Rice shared this unofficial overview of the Moon Modular M 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source, a modern step sequencer that builds on the design of the classic Moog 960 Sequential Controller.

The Quad Sequential Voltage Source is an analog step-sequencer with up to 32 positions, arranged in four rows. While the Moog 960 featured three synchronized rows, the Moon M 569 has four rows that are completely independent. That means you can use it as four individual sequencers of different length, or combine them to create sequences of longer lengths. It also adds trigger switches, so you can enable or disable triggers on the fly. And while the Moog sequencer runs left-to-right, the Moon sequencer can run left-to-right, right-to-left, ping-pong and random.

As a result, the Moon Quad Sequential Voltage Source offers the same big knob tactile immediacy of the Moog 960, but lets you create syncopated step sequences and polymetric patterns, with up to four individual patterns.

Topics covered:

0:00 Beginning
0:17 Introduction
0:36 Master Section Overview
1:29 Single Row Overview
2:17 Single Row Detailed Description
3:41 Congrats, you now know that I make dumb dad jokes! 😉
4:07 Audio Examples With Text (no voiceover)
4:12 Basic Modes
4:45 Shift Inputs
4:59 Shift Button
5:12 Direction Switches
6:40 Range Switches
7:07 Step OFF Example
7:30 SKIP Function Example
7:55 RESET Function Example
8:39 STOP Function Example
9:00 Modes Affect Jacks And Function Switches
10:28 The Mysterious 2×8-8 And 1×16-16 Modes
11:10 Please Ignore My Modifications 😉
11:30 Light Wiggling To The End
12:47 End

Technical details:

Moon Modular 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
Synth Tech MOTM-300 VCO and MOTM-380 LFO
Moon Modular 517 VCF
Oakley/Krisp1 Dual VCA
STG Soundlabs Envelope
Strymon BigSky and Timeline pedals
Lexicon MX400
Allen & Heath MixWizard 20S
Tascam SD-20M flash recorder
Canon C100 MkII camera
Canon CN-E 20mm lens
PC running Windows 10 Pro
Sony Vegas Pro 13 NLE
Stedman N90 microphone
John Hardy M-1 mic pre
Warm Audio WA-2A compressor

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