20 Generative Patches For The Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer Let You Discover Its True Depth

Sound designer Anton Anru shared this video demo for Probability, a collection of 20 generative patches for the Moog Mother-32 synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Controlled chaos and randomness, probability, non-repetitiveness, tempo break, pattern uniqueness, short and long sounds alternation, unexpected changes, silence and density, harmonic and fx-like tones, freaky splashes during a sequence – all these things are included in the soundset.

Generative timbre may be a good addition to (or a lead part of) ambient or techno tracks, jams and performances. You may also record fragments into your DAW or sampler, slice it to one-shots or make loops – you’ll get a unique material for further processing.

The patches are documented as illustrations in a pdf file, as shown below:

You need up to 10 patch cords to recreate the patches.

“If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes,” notes Anru, “you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.

Pricing and Availability

Probability is available now for $9.95.

15 thoughts on “20 Generative Patches For The Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer Let You Discover Its True Depth

    1. They should tho would sound differnt, also no analog envelope, and not sure if the sequencer has a random mode.

      (Lapidating Nebula with Behringer Grave)

    2. They should. I own both and Crave is 99% identical in function to the Mother-32. I actually used the Mother-32 documentation when first using my Crave because the documentation that came with it was very sparse.

  1. Nice to see some exploring of this modern masterpiece that is the Mother32. Sorry to be that guy, but I think “retrievers” > “retriggers”, “from panel” > “front panel”.

    1. Oh, that’s not nice. I hate apps that auto correct words like retriggers, pitchbend and so on. And i don’t see these corrections. Thanks for pointing. I will correct it in the pdf, but it’s a pity it’s inside the video.

    1. I doubt we’ll see that, they’ve had plenty of opportunity to do this and have not pursued it.

      The Mother-32 format modules have been a huge success for them, so I’d expect to see them continue to expand in this format. These modules are good values, when you consider how much you’d spend to recreate any of them with individual Euro modules. And they’re just nice, thoughtfully designed, good-sounding instruments.

      Also – are very many people going to pay a premium for a Moog-branded Moog filter or EG, when there are so many good ones already available?

      I’d love to see them do a Mother-32 format module that was a ‘brain’, mixer and effects unit. I’ve already got the M32/DFAM/Subharmonicon trio, so it would be great to have a system that would let you mix the voices, add some effects and even sequence the mix/effects. They’ve done similar things in the Moogerfooger format, so maybe they could bring the some of that over.

        1. ‘Motherfooger’ would be an instant buy for me. On the name alone!.

          But you know if they combined the idea of the Murf’s sequenced effects with a several types of effects and a 16-step sequencer in M32 format that it would be pretty killer!

  2. i disagree. i feel that they created 3 modules in that format and will probably move to another layout. i would love to have a moog delay on its own. and maybe a dual ladder filter with some kind of twist. i hope they change format the 3 were cool but lets move on to something else with a smaller hp footprint.

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