Free Exhibit Explores History & Influence Of Tangerine Dream

The Barbican Music Library is presenting a free exhibition, Tangerine Dream: Zeitraffer, that offers a journey through unseen footage, unpublished articles and original synthesizers that tell the story of one of electronic music’s pioneering groups.

This video offers a short tour of the exhibit and features interviews with curators Felix Moser, Bianca Froese-Acquaye and Melanie Reinisch, along with archive clips of Tangerine Dream performances and interviews.

Exhibition Summary:

“The band Tangerine Dream was founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese in West Berlin. They were early pioneers of electronic music, who, with albums like Phaedra and Rubycon, laid the foundation for new styles such as Ambient and Trance. Through uncovered photographs and videos, original synthesizers, cassettes and vinyl, this exhibition reveals London’s key role in the international breakthrough of Tangerine Dream during the 1970s.

Fast-forward to the present day, when synthesizers and sequencers are being continually rediscovered in music and pop culture, and enjoy a retrospective ‘time-lapse’ (Zeitraffer in German) across the band’s influential 50-year history.”

You can visit the exhibit, Tangerine Dream: Zeitraffer, for free in the Barbican Music Library on Level 2 of the Barbican Centre until September 2021.

3 thoughts on “Free Exhibit Explores History & Influence Of Tangerine Dream

  1. Bianca Froese-Acquaye was present in person for the screening of Edgar Froese in Genesis Cinema London.
    I was able to express to Bianca my Love for Edgar my Gratitude to Edgar.

    In terms of influence TD influenced Hans Zimmer rather a lot.
    Berlin School we know influenced Klaus Schulze, Manuel Gottsching, Michael Hoenig to name just three from thousands of Electonic musicians.
    Ofcourse massive genre of Trance was birthed by TD Berlin School that began in Phaedra 1974.
    TDs 1980s film scores (that began in 1977 Sorcerer) influenced a whole generation of Film scoreres.

  2. “Berlin school influenced Klaus Schulze”? You’re ridiculous. He was at the very heart of it, he was essential to it. The same can be said of Gottsching et al.

    1. @Elektro

      Phaedra 1974 February from Tangerine Dreamn was first Berlin School
      also Aqua 1974 June album from Edgar Froese.

      1975 January Klaus Schulze Picture Music his first Berlin School.
      You can hear the difference from Klaus’ first 3 solo albums : Irrlicht 1972, Cyborg 1973, Blackdance 1974.


      Manuel Gottsching
      1976 June New Age of Earth album we hear Manuel’s first Berlin School.

      Manuel was Kosmische, more Kraut Rock with Ash Ra Tempel, Ash Ra as on his 1975 album Inventions for Electric Guitar.


      We all are ridiculous Elektro including you.

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