AI Synthesis Intros Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module

AI Synthesis has released the AI017 Low Pass Gate , with both pre-built and DIY options available.

The AI017 Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module can be used as a Voltage Controlled Filter, Voltage controlled Amplifier, or both. The AI017 is an updated variation of the classic Buchla 200 Series Low Pass Gate, updated with a tunable resonance circuit, and a Depth control. Vactrols are used for control voltage, allowing for classic “ringing” and “bongo” effects.

The Depth control compensates the vactrols inability to drop lower than ~100 ohms, which can allow audio bleed on traditional Low Pass Gates. The effect can be switched on or off, as depth will attenuate the classic ringing and bongo effect. This gives the user an easy way to go from a “vintage” Low Pass Gate to a “modern” Low Pass Gate with a flick of the switch. A rear trimmer allows for the tuning of the resonance.

AI Synthesis also let us know that its modules are now available with a new Black panel option. The Black versions of the modules have Black and Gold panels, Black knobs, and Black switch caps.

Pricing and Availability

The AI Synthesis AI017 Low Pass Gate is available as both a DIY project and pre-built, with pricing ranging from $15 t0 $105 USD.

2 thoughts on “AI Synthesis Intros Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module

  1. Who says Eurorack DIY is dead, this company puts out some cool stuff and guides newbie builders through the process from building a simple mult to building more complex circuits one by one.

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