How To Play The Theremin, With Carolina Eyck

Thereminist Carolina Eyck has shared a great series of video tutorials, embedded above, on how to play the theremin.

Each of the short videos covers a specific topic, like how to play a major scale on the theremin, understanding the pitch field of a theremin, hand positions, finger technique and more.

The videos are available via Eyck’s Youtube channel, and additional content is available via her Patreon channel.

3 thoughts on “How To Play The Theremin, With Carolina Eyck

  1. I have not yet gone through the lessons, but I look forward to doing so!

    I do hope she takes into account the less-than-superior qualities of the more pedestrian Etherwave and Theremini instruments, as it is those that bring most of us into the theremin world. I worry that the elite performers won’t share some of the challenges we face.

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