Audio Housing Intros Compact 88 Studio Desk

Audio Housing recently expanded their line of studio desks with the Compact 88, a studio workstation desk that offers the same mid-century design-inspired style as their Compact One desk, but tailored to fit 88 keys keyboards and synthesizers.

The Compact 88 has three levels of workspace, featuring dual pull-out trays with magnetic breaks, integrated cable management and Finnish birch plywood construction.

The lower tray can accommodate MIDI keyboards and controllers, synthesizers or digital stage pianos measuring up to 140 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 16 cm high (55.2 x 15.8 x 6.3 inches).

In addition to the original vintage brown color, two new finishes are available for both the Compact One and Compact 88 desks; a minimal whitewash and a warm natural birch.

Pricing and Availability

The Compact 88 is now available for 799€ / 849€ (excluding VAT & shipping).


13 thoughts on “Audio Housing Intros Compact 88 Studio Desk

    1. It’s more than I’d like to pay, but also makes sense for boutique company making them by hand. If shipping to the US weren’t so expensive I would buy one, because my Output Platform takes up too much space, and I don’t need the rack space.

    2. Decent design, EU made, made to order specialty furniture in proper birch plywood and not chipboard or mdf, is hard to find cheaper.

    3. It’s on par with any other piece of custom furniture. If you can build one out of plywood from Home Depot, be my guest. You have a saw too right? Drill? Sander? Starts to look cheaper doesn’t it…

      1. I have a table saw, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a miter saw, a coping saw, a router, a couple drills, couple sanders, and I’m sitting next to a beautiful piece of Birch plywood. Still planning to buy. It’s the edges. The fine touches I’m not going to get or will rush through to justify my DIY decision. Besides, if you’re looking at this desk, don’t you have a hit record to make instead?

  1. Wood is still there when it comes to basic living needs from houses, furniture or even the simplest thing, a warm fireplace. Maybe wood will be even more rare and needed than anything else in future. It can’t be cheap. Every second more trees are cut down or just burnt than could possibly grow back, even with the greatest efforts. We are wasting everything and soon will be wasted ourselves. That will be a great day for nature.

    1. The birch plywood plates for this desk are the cheapest part of it. And nature isn’t destroyed for musicians desks. More trees are burned down for palm oil for cosmetics or chocolate.
      The problem is, that with 7 billion poeple there are more than earth could handle. And that is mostly a problem made in india, africa and china….

      1. “Just 10% of the world’s population emits nearly half of the world’s carbon pollution. The top 1% of income earners around the world, a group that includes 70 million people, account for 15% of emissions — more than the 3.5 billion people in the bottom 50%.” – The problem is not with the mostly poor humans in India, Africa and China, it’s with the rich Americans and Europeans.

  2. Kinda pricey, but that’s furniture for ya. It’s tough to justify the money – except I’ve spent countless hours down the years building furniture and supports to keep my equipment off of the floor. I’ve built some amazing stuff using Gibraltar hardware – but it lacks that ‘civilized’ touch that is so important when I’m attempting to convince my wife to set it up in the living room.

  3. Do a Google search on cardboard furniture. There are some people who have made amazing things for themselves out of nothing but sculpted cardboard.

    Sure, this desk is pricey. The alternative is to buy some tools, and build stuff yourself.

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