Roland Zenology FX Now Available Via Roland Cloud

Roland today introduced Zenology FX plug-in effects, a collection of more than 90 effects for your DAW.

The collection includes a wide range of effects, including delays, distortion, choruses, phasers, flangers, and more. Many of the effects are based on vintage Roland hardware effects, including the JUNO chorus, CE-1 stompbox, and the JD-800’s multi-effects section.

Here’s what they have to say about them:

“Roland has delivered memorable, genre-defining sounds for nearly fifty years, and a big part of that sonic footprint is its unique approach to effects processing. The legendary swirling JUNO chorus, feedback-drenched tape echo, and other sounds that have left their mark on countless tracks over the decades–can now be added to any keyboard sound or instrument track to make music come alive.

While many of the processors in ZENOLOGY FX have vintage inspiration from legendary products like the JUNO chorus, CE-1 stompbox and JD-800 synthesizer, use of them today through ZENOLOGY FX is thoroughly modern with a contemporary interface and simple controls for free- flowing creativity.”


Audio Demos:

Zenology FX is available now via Roland Cloud.


5 thoughts on “Roland Zenology FX Now Available Via Roland Cloud

    1. Install Roland cloud desktop app, pricing is there.. It’s under core membership. $2.99/m or 29.99/y . it has status test drive now so it can be used for free until it lasts. BTW, wished Roland had given us finally the CR/78 sounds for the unused slots of the TR-8 on 808 day or System1/8 new plug-outs, but it was not meant to be.. All there was, was a TR-808 plug-in test drive free for less than one month (it can be used with the TR-8S – but not the TR-8 🙁 )

    1. Strange. Does it keep its state after a save and reload of the Live set? Or do you need to save a preset inside the plugin?

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