Synthplex Convention Postponed To 2022 Due To Pandemic Resurgence

Organizers of Synthplex 2021 have announced that, in the face of the resurgence of the COVID-19 virus and changing recommendations and restrictions from health authorities and local government, Synthplex, the Burbank-based electronic music convention, has been rescheduled from autumn 2021 to October 27 – 30, 2022:

Due to CDC updates, restrictions, and the rapid spread of the Delta, Gamma, and Lambda variants, Synthplex is moving to October 27-30, 2022.

In order to have the hands-on, face-to-face, interactive experience that we all expect from Synthplex, Synthplex has acknowledged the concern of its amazing exhibitors, presenters, and artists in choosing to move to a safer time.

Together, we will wait out this pandemic and gather for an even more illuminating Synthplex in 2022. Your commitment and support are incredibly appreciated, and we look forward to joining with you in the safest possible experience for all involved.

Roger Linn & Dave Smith ham it up at Synthplex 2019

Synthplex is a relatively new synth event that combines some of the best features of Superbooth, Knobcon & the NAMM Show.

The inaugural event, Synthplex 2019, featured a trade show, vintage gear, sessions led by a “who’s who” of synthesis, live performances, a keynote by Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), a synth banquet and more.

The announcement comes in the context of surging infection rates, record hospitalizations and rising deaths.

You can find stories from the inaugural Synthplex event at this link, and watch for updates about the 2022 convention on the Synthplex Facebook page and website.

24 thoughts on “Synthplex Convention Postponed To 2022 Due To Pandemic Resurgence

  1. … do the things you wanted to do in twenty-twenty in twenty-twenty-two becasue twenty-twenty-two is twenty-twenty too!

    1. ^^^^This^^^^

      This is the MAGA disease at this point. It’s 99% vaccine deniers that are getting it and dying. 100% avoidable problem if the Republicans and right wing media weren’t spreading vaccine conspiracy theories.

        1. The US has the highest number of deaths due to COVID of any country in the world. So much winning!

          300+ people are currently dying per day in the US. 99% are unvaccinated (

          It’s spreading uncontrolled primarily in states with Republican governors, who have opposed CDC recommendations. Florida is the poster child for what not to do, with the highest per-capita COVID hospitalization rates in the country (

          The pandemic in the US is a political and social problem now – the vaccines are good and readily available, but the MAGA crowd has embraced psuedoscience and other bullshit, doing Russia and China’s work to make the country weak, sick and stupid.

          1. Malarkey and I am done with this circular conversation, enjoy sitting around your home with a mask strapped to your face.
            And don’t forget your righteous experts and the Assosicated Press

            FWIW: vexed myself and to each their own

            Group thinkers

            Exhibit tolerance thank you

            1. “enjoy sitting around your home with a mask strapped to your face.”

              That’s the sort of sad attitude that’s doing Russia and China’s work for them.

              Nobody’s sitting around at home with a mast strapped to their face. What intelligent people are doing is following the recommendations of the country’s medical experts, who have provided science-based advice, like getting vaccinated and wearing a mask where needed to avoid spreading disease.

              It’s very ironic that you mock “group thinkers” while COVID is now primarily a MAGA anti-vaxxer disease.

              I’d ignore this and say it’s ‘Darwinism in action’ like Patrick, but the anti-vaxxers dying from COVID are the main reason that the pandemic is still an issue in the US. They’re to blame for the fact that the whole country has to deal with ongoing restrictions, and with events like Synthplex getting cancelled again.

            2. If this was a war, which it really is against this virus, the army would be brought in – and truly brave and patriotic citizens would sign up in droves. And the army doesn’t tell soldiers “hey, do whatever you want to do”. That would destroy the power of collective action, organized resistance against a force – Covid – that is trying to steal our liberty, and succeeding,

              But for some reason, a large portion of our citizenry don’t want to organize against the virus, they want to do whatever they want, damn everyone else. It’s appallingly selfish and un-American.

              It’s not about you. It’s about protecting your neighbours, your friends, your relatives. It’s about not making a petri dish for new variants to emerge, which could threaten… you. OK, it is about you. Does that help?

            3. All you’ve been asked to do is get vaccinated and wash your hands after you poop. It’s not as if someone is trying to take your guns away or shoot a bald eagle.

    1. It’s just a matter of time until SuperBooth gets cancelled again. Germany’s vaccination rate isn’t much better than the US’s.

    2. quite interesting how the 7 countries at the top of that list are all the ones currently having problems.

      many countries are absent from that chart tho. israel, gibraltar, australia…

  2. do not travel. its totally insane.
    you are spreading shit around the world no matter if you are vaccinated or not.
    we locked ourself up for a year, now is not the time to pretend nothing is happening.

      1. Well yeah, but we all get antibodies once we are infected. Antibodies themselves don’t spread. And every time the virus replicates there’s a chance that one of those little letters gets messed up, and if enough letters get messed up in the right order maybe it becomes a mutation that has enough of an advantage that it out competes the other viruses. Now picture that happening millions of times in each infected person (the replicating part). One of the big causes for concern is that we just don’t know what the next variant is going to do. The responsible thing to do is to try to stop the spread of the virus. There’s an easy way to achieve herd immunity without infecting 70% of the world, we did it with polio in the entire world except for pockets of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      2. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Americans that no nothing of history, and don’t know that thousands of kids used to die of Polio each year and others got paralyzed for life. Polio has essentially been eradicated in the US and in most of the world because of vaccinations.

        And nobody got micro-shipped in the process!

        Imagine if the MAGA anti-vaxxers had been around in the 50s! We’d still be dealing with Polio, instead of counting conquering it as one of medicine’s greatest achievements.

        The way Republican politicians have turned their followers against science – for political gain – is one of the greatest evils of our lifetimes.

        Cancelling this convention is the only sensible thing to do in today’s America, unfortunately.

  3. We could be finished with these problems. PLEASE just listen to the 99.9% of doctors and scientists who recommend vaccination and mask usage where appropriate. Do you really think there is a worldwide conspiracy? Do you really think humans are capable of such a large, orchestrated operation? We are not. Just keep you and your family safe. That is all that is needed. If everyone simply looks out for their own, logic-based best interest we will beat this.

  4. I visit this site to get away from politics so please post your political and philosophical comments on more appropriate forums.

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