Marius Leicht – Der Prophet

Synthesist Marius Leicht shared this live performance of Der Prophet, from his debut album Weltmaschine.

Here’s what Leicht has to say about Weltmaschine:

“My debut solo album was recorded during a full year’s turn of the earth around the sun. I started recording at summer solstice 2020 and released it at summer solstice 2021. It not only features my whole museum of vintage synthesizers, electric pianos and Hammond organ, but also sounds and pieces recorded at all four solstice and equinox dates.

Furthermore, it features the sounds of Nils Frahms Pianos and Mellotron, which I recorded at his Funkhaus Studio in Berlin, where it was also mixed.”

4 thoughts on “Marius Leicht – Der Prophet

  1. Wonderful music; and it’s always a pleasure to watch someone who can really play the instrument and not just turn knobs; and what a beautiful music room, full of books and musical instruments, even a real grand piano in the background.

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