9 thoughts on “Bringing The Funk With The Moog One

  1. Well, yeah. That squirty bass had funk written all over it from day one. Bernie Worrell and Herbie Hancock wrote a lot of the early book on how to greaze it up.

    1. *1970 SunRa: My Bother the Wind Vol1 album
      Moog and Funk Jazz. Afro Futurism.

      3 years Before Herbie Hancock’s 1973 Sextant album of Electro Funk Jazz.
      8 years Before Bernice Worrell’s 1978 All the Woo in the World Electro Funk.

      *1970 SunRa : The Night of the Purple Room album
      Tacks Narrative and Blue Soul are fully synth Soul Blues Funk.

      Born name Herman Poole Blount.
      SunRa wrote over 1K songs, composed over 100 albums.
      SunRa was as prolific a composer as those classical composers considered genius
      (a few  of whom their Sister or Wife composed some of their works).

      SunRa was a genius.

      1. Sun Ra had a Moog in his film Space is the Place but Moog have all kinds of festivals like Tangerine Dream a germany band but NEVER celebrate Sun RA an black America composer who was using Moog in his records and on stage before a loads of people. Maybe Moog should celebrate the great Sun RA you know that black composer!

          1. I love the Moog Foundation great article. That article proves once moog went portable Sun Ra was the man who showed everyone including Robert Moog the new dawn.

            This part is not about the Moog Foundation:

            For me Sun Ra is the only reason I own Moogs but I do not support the company that build Moogs by acting like Sun Ra never was there. If it was not for Sun Ra would Moog the Builders have a company and I wonder how many black owers aka employees do moog the builders have?

            Moog the builders should be happy a transwoman and a black man, open people hearts, eyes and yes ears to the new sound of expression. Now Moog the Builder make a festival of That!

            1. “Now Moog the Builder make a festival of That!”

              Moog has been celebrating blacks and trans innovators for a long time and they already made a festival of That:

              Afrofuturism at Moogfest:


              Transhumanism at Moogfest:


              Moog took a lot of heat for this type of programming, because some conservative Moog users thought the company was trying to promote a ‘woke’ agenda. The conservatives were ignoring the fact that Moog has been supporting musicians of all types – including black and trans musicians – since 50+ years ago.

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