disting mk4 Updated With Ratcheting Clock Multiplier

Expert Sleepers shared this preview of disting mk4 firmware v4.20, a free update that adds a ratcheting clock multiplier, in addition to other new features and updates.

The term ‘ratcheting’ is used to describe the effect of playing multiple notes per step in a sequence. It’s often used semi-randomly within a sequence, to add variety and interest. The term was coined by Suit & Tie Guy to refer to Tangerine Dream’s classic use of this technique.

Here’s a summary of what’s new in disting mk4 firmware v4.20:

  • Significantly reduced the triggering latency of all Multisample & Dual Audio Playback algorithms.
  • Added a gate offset parameter to the Multisample Audio Playback and Multisample 2 Audio Playback algorithms.
  • Added voltage-controllable ‘ratchet’ to the Clock algorithm.
  • The Dual Euclidean Patterns algorithm can now optionally use MIDI clock.
  • The four Shift Register Random algorithms can now optionally use MIDI clock.
  • The Shift Register Random Dual Triggers algorithm now uses Z press to modify the sequence.
  • Added parameters to the Dual Waveshaper algorithmm to allow a choice of shaping type for each channel.
  • Added SR and D type flip-flops to the Logic algorithm.
  • Added adjustable high-pass filters to the three Reverb algorithms.
  • Added a ‘dual pitch’ mode to the MIDI/CV algorithm.
  • Added a new mode to the Programmable Quantizer algorithm where in the input pitches (assumed 12TET) look up the notes in the scale according to the keyboard map (typically useful when playing a scale with more than 12 degrees per octave from a regular keyboard).
  • The Stereo Tape Delay algorithm now offers the option of using Z for feedback, instead of tape speed.
  • The Slew Rate Limiter algorithm now offers a choice of slew type per channel, and the option of having the X & Y inputs be independent, not summed.
  • Fixed an issue in the Quantizer algorithm, when using the ‘minor scale’, ‘major triad’ and ‘minor triad’ scales, where incoming notes already in the scale may have been shifted to a neighboring note.
  • Fixed the same issue in the Quantizer 2 algorithm, when using the two Minor scales.
  • The Audio Recorder algorithms no longer start recording immediately if Z is high when entering the algorithm.

The update is available now.

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