Patch Base Adds Editor For Novation Bass Station II

Coffeeshopped has added a third-party patch editor and librarian for the Novation Bass Station II to their Patch Base application for iPad and macOS.

The Patch Base Novation Bass Station II editor and librarian lets you edit any parameter, organize patches, create random patches and more. It also is designed to make it easier to access newer parameters from recent firmware updates, including hidden features and Overlays.

You can also back up your 128 voice patches and 8 banks of overlays to files on your iPad or Mac.

Pricing and Availability:

Patch Base is available as a free download to test; unlocking an editor is $29.99.

3 thoughts on “Patch Base Adds Editor For Novation Bass Station II

  1. Loving it!!! Lovey for working within the AFX Mode. Unleash the beast. Unshackle the Kraken! But honestly, this editor is the bomb dot com!!

    1. TBH Windows has become a second tier platform for musicians and Microsoft isn’t doing anything to change this.

      Cheap, customizable hardware is the main thing going for Windows now, where macOS has a lot more going on. It gets a lot of music software that never makes it over to Windows, Mac hardware offers great performance for the money and there are so many cross-platform apps that you can use on both Mac & iPhone/iPad.

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