Nine Inch Nails Cancels All 2021 Shows Over Covid Concerns

Nine Inch Nails today announced that they have cancelled all their shows for the remainder of 2021 over Covid-19 pandemic concerns.

“It is with great regret that we are cancelling all NIN appearances for the remainder of this year.

When originally planned, these shows were intended to be a cathartic and celebratory return to live music. However, with each passing day it’s becoming more apparent we’re not at that place yet.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment and look forward to seeing you again when the time is right.

Ticket buyers for the September 21 and 23 shows in Cleveland, please refer to your point of purchase for ticket refund information.”

The announcement comes in the context of the daily new case count quadrupling in the last month in the US, and the 7-day moving average for new cases more than 3 times what it was a year ago.

105 thoughts on “Nine Inch Nails Cancels All 2021 Shows Over Covid Concerns

    1. Whether Anti-vax are morons or not is not for you to decide, dear grand judge. And this is not the place to argue about vaccines.

      1. We absolutely can discuss vaccines here because Synthtopia chose to post an article about a band cancelling major concerts due to COVID spread. Vaccines are safe and effective, and if more people grasped that fact (not debatable), these concerts would still be happening.

        1. Crazy that the same people who say “It only kills less than 2% of people!” are the same ones looking at a dozen or so ultra-rare cases of blood clots forming from the vaccine and claiming it proves the vaccines are unsafe

          1. Exactly. People who refuse vaccination are not actually motivated by science or even politics. Those are just excuses for people who harbor a deep seated, selfish contempt for their fellow men. The kinds of people who won’t pull over for an ambulance en route to the hospital. Truly contemptible.

            1. I don’t think you can look at it that way. I think anti-vaxers are mainly doing it out of a serious belief that the vaccine will somehow hurt them. They are sometimes even trying to ‘save’ others by arguing not to take the ‘dangerous’ vaccin.

              I think its not so much a contempt for their fellow men, its just ill-informed judgement, indoctrination or mental incapability to see facts for facts.

              Unfortunately, living in a free country means that everyone can decide for themselves to take it or not. The only thing we can do about it, is ban un-vaccinated people from certain commercial events. That is another freedom we can exercise.

                1. This is a complete lie. When vaccinated people experience a breakthrough infection, they do not carry anywhere near the same viral load for the same amount of time as an unvaccinated person who is infected. Unvaccinated people are walking vectors of transmissible disease. To equate the two is ridiculous.

                  1. Why do you first call it a lie and then agree that vaccinated people do carry a virus load that can infect others? Smaller or larger depends on a lot of factors.. Have you read Sebastian Rushworths texts yet? You and others here obviously need to do that to increase your knowledge on this subject.

                    1. I called it a “lie” because you explicitly drew a false equivalency between vaccinated people who contract COVID and unvaccinated people who contract it. This question has been investigated here in the United States, and the universal conclusion is that unvaccinated persons pose a direct health risk far above vaccinated persons. A vaccinated person who nevertheless has COVID is far less likely to transmit the disease in a congregate environment than an unvaccinated person who is infected.

                      As far as your repeated insistence that everyone here read Sebastian Rushworth, I actually did peruse a few articles on his site. Unfortunately I cannot find a single reputable medical professional or national medical authority that even acknowledges who he is, let alone concurs with his opinions. The publisher of his one book is a niche company with no experience in the medical field. So you’ll forgive me that I reject his supposed expertise on the matter.

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                      Also, you’re spamming the site with off-topic information, which will result in your comments being handled as spam.

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                2. Report after report shows that anti-vaxxers are more likely to die of covid and to be carriers. Here’s just one example:


                  “Unvaccinated people were 15.4 times, or 1,540 percent, more likely to die from COVID-19 during the four-week period ending Aug. 21.

                  Unvaccinated people were also 4.4 times, or 440 percent, more likely to catch COVID-19 than vaccinated people. The difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated teens was even greater during the week ending Aug. 21, with unvaccinated people aged 12 to 17 being 6.3 times, or 630 percent, more likely to get COVID-19 than vaccinated people in the same age group.”

                  The point of vaccines and masks are to slow the spread and minimize the effects, and there’s a huge body of evidence that shows that this works.

          2. It does not even kill 2 percent of the people. Most people that have died in C19/Pneumonia died with it not of it. Most people dying with the virus had co-morbidities like cancer, diabetes, bad arteries were obese etc etc.

            1. You just dismissed 4.5 million deaths due to Covid – a number comparable to the number of people that died in the holocaust – as if it isn’t a big deal.

              And the official numbers in the US are artificially low, because of under-reporting. ‘Excess mortality’ numbers are about 20% higher than the official covid death numbers.

              It’s also really misleading to suggest that it’s pneumonia killing people out of the blue, not Covid. Covid causes pneumonia and other severe respiratory illnesses, which leads to people getting putting on ventilators at very high rates and dying. There’s also a spike in heart failures caused by Covid. It’s like thinking you’re clever to say that car accidents don’t kill people, it’s blood loss.

              1. Unfortunately people die every day of different causes, something which is hard to do anything about in most cases. Putting people in ventilators is very risky, a lot of people that have died with the corona virus in them died because of sideeffects from being put in a ventilator. Such as bloodclothing and internal bleeding. Your comparisions with the holocaust and car accidents are way off!

            2. So you are saying that people with pre-existing conditions and comorbidities simply had it coming? Sounds an awful lot like victim-blaming to me.



          1. Yes but we are not discussing “many parts of the world,” are we? We are discussing Nine Inch Nails concerts in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, where vaccines are available to everyone at no charge, and there are three to choose from.

            1. I don’t know shit about NIN’s touring schedule. For all I know they cancelled shows in Paris and Moscow too. I’m just saying it’s not helpful to make entirely false gross generalizations. The world is a lot bigger than the U.S.A., even though you and your friends may not think so.

              1. But I’m not making “an entirely false gross generalization.” I’m making a statement of plain fact about vaccine access in the United States, where they are free and widely available. Anyone who argues to the contrary that vaccines are some kind of private sector commercial ploy (as the poster CRALL attempted to do) is spreading dangerous misinformation.

                You also could have done yourself a favor and read the original article about the band’s cancellations, which makes clear they are in the United States.

                1. have you taken a look at pfizer’s yearly vaccine profit estimates? They just updated the number to something like $40 billion. You think Pfizer manufactures it for free?? lol.

                  what is it people always say about facebook? “if the product is free, you are the product.”

                  1. I think you forget, that the product is not free. The government paid for it. Most western governments paid A LOT to the pharma companies for these vaccins. And why do you think any government would willingly spend money?? Obviously because in the end it will save/earn them money. If COVID is not stopped, the whole economy could collapse, that is their biggest fear.

                    In this case, the objective of the governments (keep as much taxpayers alive as possible) aligns with our own objective of staying alive… so the most rational thing is, just get the vaccin. If it would kill tax paying citizens, they would not hand it out.

                    In case of facebook, you are entirely right.

                2. Because you seem very forgetful, I will quote verbatim the post I was responded to:

                  “Brandt Gassman: Vaccines are available to everyone at no charge, and there are three to choose from.”

                  I don’t see how you can possibly argue that this is not a false generalization. You could quite simply apologize for wasting fellow readers time and admit your mistake.

                  1. Again, the original post that prompted this discussion concerned U.S. concerts by a U.S. band cancelled in no small part because of cynical and nihilistic behavior among U.S. unvaccinated. There is nothing “global” about this discussion and there never has been. If anyone here needs to apologize to the rest of us, it is you for willfully ignoring the parameters of the discussion, and then bizarrely acting like you’ve been affronted. When Nine Inch Nails cancels a South American tour due to insufficient vaccination uptake, then we can discuss the subject as you see it. Until then, stop whinging.

                    1. No apology…. how rude!!! If you can’t see how everything about this virus is “global”, I’ve got nothing further to do with you.

    3. No respect to Trent from me he is now playing a part in one of the worlds largest scams. A perfect scam some would say. Others obviously doesn`t even know how hard they/you fell for it.

      1. Perhaps you could do us all a favor and explain what specifically about COVID-19 is a “scam.” I’ll make some popcorn and have a seat. Truly looking forward to your thoughts.

        1. Most scams are sprinkled wiith some truths. I am not saying the virus does not exist. It is just the perfect patsy. Read up on older epidemics of which there are around 200 every year, viruses and our immunesystem. You will get my point if you can understand scientific facts.

            1. Sebastian Rushworth is not a “practicing doctor.” He only graduated from med school in 2020 and he is still a junior doctor. Meanwhile there are *countless* doctors with just as much experience, with a lot more experience, working in much more prestiged hospitals and hospitals with equal prestige in the US, in Sweden, and all over the damn world who have shown how Covid is not a “scam.”

              You’ve chosen to cherry pick this one author who supports the decision that you’ve already made in your head.

              It seems to me that the real scam is that you spent your money on buying this dude’s book.

              1. Sigh! Sebastian Rushworh MD is definitively a practising doctor as in one working and treating and hopefully curing sick patients. He is also one of few doctors that actually have studied and learned a lot about this virus. You should read him before you put him down. His blog is free and very very interesting and also very scientific. Unlike a lot of panic and fearmongering sites.

                1. It’s insanity to cherry pick a doctor with no real experience and pimp his work – over the work of established doctors and scientists all over the world – simply because his opinion supports your preconceptions.

                  If Rushworth had any real belief in his positions, he would be publishing his work for peer review instead of posting rants on his own website.

                  This is why people like you end up supporting crazy conspiracy theories and scams – you can’t find respectable sources that support your opinion, so you have to embrace a conspiracy theory that disdains recognized expertise.

                  1. What are you talking about? Rushworth has plenty of experience and is probably one of the most knowledgable doctors about corona in Scandinavia neither he or I are spreading conspirqcy theories and he is not ranting. It is kinda obvious that you have not read his book or his blog. Do so and learn a lot of science, instead of spreading untruths.

                    1. He’s a junior doctor that graduated last year, so he’s got minimal experience. He’s publishing clickbait on his own website and you’re acting like this is a reliable source.

                      Do you have any links to anything Rushworth has authored that has been peer-reviewed? If not, you’re relying on information that has not met the lowest threshold for credibility in science and medicine over generally-accepted mainstream science.

                      There’s a wealth of legitimate information from doctors and scientists, from all around the world, readily available. Find some credible peer-reviewed information that supports your opinion. If you can’t, then you’re choosing to spread misinformation and conspiracy because it reinforces your preconceptions.

                    2. Chiara have you even read one of Sebastians texts about corona or vaccines? It sure looks that you have not read anything by him! As he is knowledgable scientific critical and very truthful unlike a lot of oher ”experts” that mostly talks out of their xxxxx and often spread fear and panic by order from above= Big Pharma and clueless politicians.

    4. Israel is 80% vaccinated and still having massive problems. Vaccinated people are still being infected and spreading the infection.

      1. I saw them on their Lights In The Sky tour about 9 years ago and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Great playing and amazing visuals and they did a short ambient ‘Ghosts’ set in the middle that was super trippy.

        1. Yeah but I feel like you’re intentionally exaggerating the extent of it (not claiming to know that you ARE, just how it feels).

          Saw them on the Tension tour (2013-14) and it was the most alive those songs have sounded in all my NIN shows. Cortini is def using the portastudio tape loop thing, and of course certain elements are sequenced, and everything tied to a click… but a majority of the complex lighting setup they were using simply wouldn’t work if that weren’t the case.

          Rubin’s drumming, Paladino’s basswork, Eustis’ multi-instrumentation, Gibson and Fischer’s backing vocals… there was a lot of technical proficiency going on that tour.

          I doubt their more stripped down shows that followed were laced with a lot of backing tracks, though I admittedly didn’t get to see one.

          1. I wouldn’t want to pay any money for music acts that rely on pre-recorded tracks of any kind. I don’t want to go to a show to hear recordings. If a music act can’t pull off an all live show, they should disclose this to the ticket buyer ahead of time. I’m tired of bands charging large amounts of money for tickets and fooling fans into thinking their playing all live. There should be laws requiring music acts to disclose the use of pre-recorded music to the potential ticket purchaser before they buy a ticket so that the potential ticket purchaser can decide ahead of time if they want to pay big bucks to listen to recordings being used.

            1. Um… OK. I won’t delve into how comically absurd this is (A law? Seriously?), but your proposal would penalize numerous touring artists, from stadium acts like Depeche Mode and New Order all the way down to club bands such as Boy Harsher and TR/ST. Pre-recorded elements are just a normal part of playing live and certainly don’t make the experience worse.

              1. Am I not entitled to my opinion regarding music acts that use pre-recorded tracks and try to fool people into thinking that their act is all live?

                “Pre-recorded elements are just a normal part of playing live and certainly don’t make the experience worse.”

                1) This shows the sad state of things when this is seen as a “…normal part of playing live…”

                2) I disagree. It certainly does make the experience worse.

                1. Have you seen any of the NIN shows that you’re dismissing? They are in no way, shape or form ‘canned’.

                  I’ve seen them several times in the last 10 years and each time the show was fantastic, with intimate acoustic sections, bombastic rock sections and electronic sections that had ground-breaking visuals and MIDI-visual interactions.

                  They’re probably the most prominent band touring that dares to put a modular synthesist front and center, too.

                  In terms of rock performances that deliver, Foo Fighters and Springsteen put on the most amazing 3+ hour shows that I’ve seen. But Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Light in the Sky’ tour was the most amazing rock audio/visual combination that I’ve ever seen, both technically and artistically.

                    1. TimS

                      Based on your response, you have not seen NIN’s shows and you’re trashing them without any first-hand knowledge of what you are talking about.

                      You appear to be very passionate about being ignorant.

                    2. @Torgood. Wake up and smell the coffee. NIN has been using backing tracks for many years. Trent Reznor’s musical inspiration/hero Gary Numan has also been using pre-recorded tracks for years. Numan is one of the few acts that will openly admit it. You sound like a diehard NIN fan who doesn’t want to know/believe the truth.

                      Many music acts nowadays are fooling fans into thinking that they are getting an all live show. Personally, I don’t want to pay one dime for an act that relies on pre-recorded tracks when performing “live.”

  1. NIN made the call they had to.

    Hospitals in places like Florida and Texas are already over capacity in their ICU’s because of anti-vaxxers (or at least unvaccinated people) sick with Covid.

    The rest of us will be stuck with the bill for all the science denier deaths and stuck dealing with the variants that they’re breeding. This was completely avoidable.

    1. *lol*
      Half of the hospitalized Covid infected in Britain are double vaxxed persons. Also in Israel the infection rate rises between the vaccinated people.
      And all scientists say, that vaccination during a pandemic will cause variants breeding in the first place.

      1. we don’t talk about international numbers here in america because they contradict the carefully crafted narrative. the product fixes everything and the product will save us if only everyone would just take it.

      2. “Half of the hospitalized Covid infected in Britain are double vaxxed persons”

        Generously assuming this is true (which seems unlikely given other data I’ve seen): also realize that 87% of the UK is fully vaccinated. Which means vaxxed people outnumber unvaxxed by a ratio of 6.7 to 1. If the ratio in hospital is 1:1, not 6.7:1, clearly the vaccine is helping!

        Secondly, look at cases and deaths before and after vaccination, using UK stats:

        7-day average cases:
        Winter 2021 peak: 59,344
        Summer 2021 peak: 46,878 (about 79% of summer)

        7-day average deaths:
        Winter 2021 peak: 1,240
        Summer 2021 peak: 96 (about 7% of summer)

        The vaccines aren’t stopping the spread of the Delta variant — but they absolutely ARE saving lives.

        And third, here is a recent report on COVID breakthrough cases in the US:

        “While information on breakthrough events is still limited and incomplete, this analysis of available state-level data indicates that COVID-19 breakthrough cases, and especially hospitalizations and deaths, among those who are fully vaccinated are rare occurrences in the United States. Moreover, this data indicate the vast majority of reported COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in U.S. are among those who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated. These findings echo the abundance of data demonstrating the effectiveness of currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines.”

        1. You can’t educate people that just want to be excited by a conspiracy theory.

          Some rats are convinced the maze is a trap, you can’t help them.

        2. This is actually an excellent argument. Kudos. “We should cancel everything and lockdown again because everyone’s going to get the sniffles but no one’s going to die.” 7% hahaha.

      3. This is false. What the science says is that continued robust circulation of the virus is what creates variants. Vaccines significantly constrain (but do not 100 percent eliminate) circulation. This is why vaccines are critical, and why the unvaccinated present a major health risk to the rest of society.

        1. Brand, 18 months ago you did not know. Iam 87 years age still in music my parents killed in WO2 by some people who think they own this world. iam not scare for anything because our species lived for over 2000 years. Be free and dont use a smartphone as your tiny world to live in. Beside, when non vaccinated people will past away, they all look down from heaven, how others move on with there lives on this planet, i wish them all for best luck (i like this type of humor)

    2. Admin: Comment deleted (personal attack, misinformation presented as fact, off topic).

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  2. Admin: Personal attack deleted (name-calling).

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  3. I agree that anti-vaxxers are ruining things for the rest of us. And I think it is totally legit to say it on here since it is related to this article. Right now only 50% of Americans are fully vaccinated. That is totally unacceptable. When your “individual freedom” puts others at risk, you are morally in the wrong. We don’t have absolute freedom, we live in a functioning society where compromises have to be made so we aren’t living in actual anarchy. Arnold made the point well – with freedom comes responsibility.

    1. Sean Anderson: please do not be scared because if you are vaccinated 4, 5 or 6 times overall, you will live for ever in very good health as a super human and making his super music.

      1. If anyone cared what you think, you wouldn’t have to work so hard around here 😉

        I jest… in case that wasn’t clear.

  4. I think unvaccinated people should be forced to wear a star on their arm and be forced into ghettos to keep the rest of us who took our chances with experimental vaccine drugs safe.

    1. Making fun of the Holocaust in the hope to be edgy or whatever you try to be, just makes you look extremely stupid and ignorant.

      1. Jim J, How old where you in the 1940? i live in Europe as one those kids now be a granddad i feel myself allowed to make a clear statement how easy it is to walk behind the idea that one person telling what is good or bad. Maybe after this time period you all understand hoe easy is to fallow the wrong ideas.

    2. This is an openly anti-semitic comment. Comparing a cancelled NIN tour to the Shoa is ridiculing the suffering of millions of people. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    3. and the award for most ignorant take in the whole synth community goes to…. simon walker! That’s the 3rd award Simon has received thanks to this comment, including the “most misguided attempt at being edgy” and “most naïve attempts to draw correlations between actual oppression and modern, first-world impudence”

      1. UglyKidMoe, if not experience yourself, do not judge. How old where you during that period in time? What Simon write, many people in mainland Europe are saying because we know how it was, we seen it before, there parents or grandparents in real time. A point of recognition other population not have or missing.

        1. My grandfather had to dig up the shredded corpses of his sister, mother, and grandmother from his bombed house, roll them to the cemetery in a wheelbarrow and bury them himself, right after the Nazis forced him to fight in their war and kill people he never met, and used his garden as a cover for their anti-aircraft gun, which was why the bombers attacked it in the first place. And in your head that’s somehow the same as going to your doctor and getting a shot to protect yourself and your loved ones from a respiratory virus? Are you serious?

          1. Sadly, we’ve gone well beyond the point where a few well expressed stories are going to set folks straight. We’re well into the white-trash wonderland of right wing propaganda.

    4. So let me get this straight – you’re comparing history’s only state-sponsored mechanized ethnic extermination policy (survivors of which are still alive, and could actually read your comments) to a public health policy backed by scientists and doctors around the world, designed to prevent illness and death – just wanted to confirm this is the hill you want to stand on. In a synthesizer discussion group.

      1. “you’re comparing history’s only state-sponsored mechanized ethnic extermination policy”

        totally false… there are plenty of examples of state sponsored genocide across history, continuing into present day.

    5. Ironically, Q-Anon (who, frankly, make up most of the anti-vaccination/mask people) follow a conspiracy that is almost word-for-word the one that Hitler used to convince the German people that an elite banker class of Jews, homosexuals, and socialists were conspiring to kill their children and that they had to be eliminated in order to preserve their societal freedom.

  5. these shows are planned months or sometimes years in advance. realistically, the band is spending money 6 months in advance, and if there’s a reasonable chance they’re going to be out of that, it makes sense to cancel.

  6. I’m happy to see people discussing this here, regardless of how ridiculous the anti-vax (you know you eat Doritos, drink coke and have an iPhone literally in your pocket) folk are.

    Anyway, as a touring professional and keeping on-topic here: We’re all cancelling the rest of 2021. No one is going on tour who isn’t vaccinated AFAIK, but even so, if ONE person on, say, NIN’s crew of probably 50 tests positive for COVID — the show doesn’t happen, just like film shoots. There’s a great post on roadierelief’s IG that spells it out plainly why logistically it simply can’t happen. Unvaccinated people are apparently 1000% more likely to get and spread delta than un- and that’s the math we’re looking at, not to mention hospitalization and death rates already debated in this thread.

    Anyway, good luck with seeing and supporting live music the rest of the year, everyone, it’s probably not going to happen much.

    1. Thank you for posting this. I will be back on the floor at shows as soon as bands decide they can tour responsibly. In the meantime, I suggest everyone take a hard look at their unvaccinated peers and ask whether “parasites” is a better description.

    2. thanks Pete. Fellow tor professional here — and you said it 100% clearly. Sadly – -clear , rational fact based talk is…..not in style for some. Be well..good luck! I’m with you, I lost five tours last year — two so far this fall…and I’m not upbeat about the other two I’m scheduled to be on.

  7. Agreed — A raise for the ADMIN. Jeezis. What can I say –other than to comment on anyone being flippant for 18 months now about “It’s only 5%” (or 7%, whatever).

    HERE’S SOME INFO — -we are the THIRD most populous country on earth. Yet only 4% world population.

    I ask people all the time and VERY FEW THINK OF THE USA that way.

    In raw numbers — that is around 330 million. Which is probably low. So — even at “only 5% death”…..if we all catch this virus…that is on the order of 16-17 million people. That is over 16,000,000 humans.

    So next time someone flippantly points out “how few people” will die, remind them of that little annoyance called math.

    Also — ask a vax denier if they’;re OK with say, we vaccinate on HALF THE DOGS against rabies, moving forward. ,I mean — it’s the owners choice, right? Let’s change those pesky, INVASIVE municipal laws that require vaxxed dogs. Stop enriching some animal drug company THAT YOUR VET PROBABLY HAS STOCK IN !!!

    The HELL with that!! Don’t let some government clown TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR DOG!

    So — in a year we’d have only ½ the dogs vaxed against rabies…what could go wrong???

    1. Great analogy with the rabies comments.

      The thing that’s bizarre about today’s anti-vaxxers is that they’re mostly anti-vax because of political ideology, where earlier anti-vax sentiment seemed to cross political boundaries and seemed to be more of a new age-y sort of things.

      What concerns me is that the Internet has made it so profitable to cater to simple people’s fears, and Russia, China and other bad actors have figured out how to manipulate this.

      1. Do you really think the “good actors” does not manipulate simple peoples fear?? Then you are seriously wrong! In my whole life I have never seen such amounts if fear and panic being spread from governments,media, doctors scientists and simpe people etc.

  8. Get woke go broke is a thing. Concert promoters are going to lose money and learn the hard way until they embrace freedom.

    I saw NIN at the Warfield in San Francisco back in ’91 and they were ok in concert but kind of drunk and not that professional. They opened for the Jesus and Mary Chain. If you missed NIN when they were relevant then that’s too bad but you probably aren’t missing much now. The silent majority that doesn’t care about social distance and masks are not bothering with woke concerts and other virtue signaling nonsense. Remember Obama’s birthday party?! That’s what the elite thinks of social distancing and masks. Its just for the plebs.

  9. Smart move. Lots of bands are canceling due to unexpected breakthrough cases. Even one death among your band or road crew is too much, to say nothing of the fans who are lured into thinking it’s safe.

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