Steinberg Intros Absolute 5 Virtual Instrument Collection

Steinberg today introduced the immediate availability of Absolute 5, an updated version of their virtual instrument collection.

Absolute 5 features 28 VST and HALion instruments, offering more than 130 GB of sound content and over 7,500 presets.

New in Absolute 5 is the drum re-synthesizer Backbone , which re-synthesizes and decomposes samples into noise and tonal parts, making it a creative instruments for drum sound design. Also new to Absolute are the vintage keys of Amped Elektra, Electric Bass and the expansions Polarities for Padshop 2, Sounds of Soul for Retrologue 2 and Future Past Perfect for Groove Agent 5.

Absolute 5 includes a complete virtual studio of instruments, including sampler & workstation instruments, a dozen synths, virtual orchestra, cinematic instruments and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • More than 130 GB of instruments and 7,500 inspiring presets
  • First-class sample libraries for bass, choir, orchestra, and keys
  • New: Drum re-synthesizer Backbone
  • New: Vintage keys Amped Elektra
  • New: Electric Bass

Official Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Absolute 5 is available now through the Steinberg Online Shop for 499 euros, including German
VAT, and 499.99 US dollars. Upgrade pricing is also available.

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  1. HALion a sampler? In my book a sampler can record sound. Why do they call all them sample players samplers? This really grinds my gears (quote Peter Griffin).

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