Creating Vocal Effects With A Modular Synthesizer

In this Perfect Circuit video, Jacob & vocalist Katrina Cain discuss creating vocal effects with a modular system.

Video summary:

“Jacob put together a modular system designed to provide different vocal effects and processing, as well as two smaller “control pods” for Katrina to use as she performs. Join them as they explore how to use comparators to track and divide pitches, multi-tap delays and loopers for rhythmic and polyphonic overdubs, as well as discuss some of the techniques they use to integrate a vocal performance with a synthesizer.”

Topics covered:

0:30 – Intro
1:38 – Performance Demo
2:20 – Comparators!
3:25 – Verbos Multi-Tap Delay (Katrina’s Fave)
4:40 – Intellijel Rainmaker
6:20 – Filterbanks and Crossfaders
7:40 – Breakdown on the Control Pods
9:20 – Katrina’s Thoughts on the Pods and Working with Modular
12:00 – Thoughts on Vocals as an Instrument
12:50 – Performance Demo
14:30 – Outro

4 thoughts on “Creating Vocal Effects With A Modular Synthesizer

  1. Perfect Circuit is one the best companies out there. They are always willing to work with me since I started getting into modular. Sweet water won’t even take $30 off anything even if your trying to drop more then couple thousand long live PC

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