Superbooth 2021 Update With HerrSchneider

Superbooth founder HerrSchneider shared this update on Superbooth 2021, an international electronic music gear festival scheduled for Sept 15-18, 2021 in Berlin.

Spread over the FEZ-Berlin, the Fuchsbau, the Bungalowdorf and the Finnhütten, the event will offer attendees an opportunity to try out the latest gear from manufacturers around the world. The event will also feature workshops, concerts and more.

Many of the presentations will also be live streamed for those that cannot attend.

See the event site for details.

16 thoughts on “Superbooth 2021 Update With HerrSchneider

      1. This is the worst kind of misinformation, attempting to paint a pandemic as some sort of propaganda campaign. The irony is that one of the hallmarks of effective propaganda is that it casts doubt, just like this article from an unheard of website attempts to do.

        Just get vaccinated, stay away from big groups and turn the TV and Facebook off. It’s not hard, nor controversial.

    1. I’m not going because I felt that there was too much uncertainty around the current pandemic situation to commit to the travel arrangements.

      I’m sure organizers know that that it’s going to be a lot more modest event than previous years, but were thinking that we’d be celebrating the ability to congregate again vs trying to do this in the middle of a resurgence.

      I see no reason to criticize the event – it sounds like Schneider is doing his best to follow safety recommendations, you can’t avoid all risks and attendees know what they’re getting into.

  1. With masks, distancing and the requirement of either a vaccination or negative test, I think this is as safe as it gets these days. I am personally looking forward to it.

  2. if you think a joyride around the world during a pandemic is the thing to do, you must have a hole in the head.
    stay home, stay save.

  3. Not sure about the “virus” but the brainwashing is certainly real. While some may forever avoid gatherings and miss out on life to “stay safe”, not me. I go where I want, do what I want and I’ve worn a worthless mask for about 10 minutes since this whole thing began.

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