How To Make Cheap Modular Synth Modules

Ugandan synthesist Bamanya Brian (Afrorack), who previously has shared his experiences building a DIY modular in Africa, shared this look at how he makes cheap modular synth modules.

Brian demonstrates how he eliminates most of the cost of synth modules – by making panels out of scrap metal and permanet markers, using inexpensive parts and breadboarding the circuit.

“For a while I’ve been wanting to make an MS20 filter and I decided to show the process,” he explains. “Never had money to buy modules that are 300 dollars or so! Its based on the schematic by Rene Schmitz, but I use the LM13700 and its internal buffers. The sounds in the background track are all running through the finished filter.”

15 thoughts on “How To Make Cheap Modular Synth Modules

  1. Totally Captivating!
    Shows what we miss by just buying gear.
    Check out his YouTube channel for other cool instrument-building adventures.

    1. Gotta love the punk DIY attitude.

      This also makes me think that 10% of what I’ve spent on my modular is for the actual audio circuits, though.

    1. or just buy some copied CDs in the market in Kampala … why make the effort … ffs … how much can you miss the idea.

      1. I was being factious, as just a few days ago synthopia ran a story about a aurdino synth kit where the majority of comments were “why not just buy a nts1”. It’s quite strange that the comments there are how dare he try to sell a product. Meanwhile the comments here are, why doesn’t synthopia include a link to donate money. I support doing both, but this community seems to miss this idea.

        necessity presents the viewer with the ability to dismiss their own lack of initiative. When that external non musical necessity isn’t present, one follows what has been marketed to them as “proper”. Most don’t turn out “CDs” or 2 tracks with their “proper” gear, so they get really upset when the only thing that is presented to them is others are turning out physical objects. clearly external non musical necessity really does it’s job and completely flys over the head of the average “proper gear” consumer.

  2. This guy is a fn genius. He could be curing cancer right now with some institutional backing. Smart people are sprinkled everywheres.

  3. I love how he uses chinch connectors for his gear. That is – how one name it – really punk attitude. I wish him all best, because he deserves to be noticed and brought up to another level by some company.

      1. Additionally synthtopia would do people like this a favor linking their patreon in their own content to make it easier to for people to support them.

  4. I highly recommend all the videos by Moritz Klein in YT for anybody who finds this fascinating but would not have a clue how to do it would you want to try it yourself. Really awesome explanations and soo inspiring to start doing this! Also great aesthetics :)))

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