waveTracing Intros SP950 Effect Plugin Delivers ‘Gritty Sound, With Mandatory Aliasing Effects’

waveTracing has released an updated version of SP950, described as an accurate emulation of the SP’s 12-bit 26.04kHz ADC, DAC and detune that delivers ‘gritty sound with mandatory aliasing artifacts.’

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“If you are familiar with the E-mu SP-1200 workflow, you know the way the device is typically used is with a pitched-up source such as a turntable playing a LP record at 45RPM or 78RPM, and a detune after sampling in the SP-1200* to get back to the original pitch and duration. This was initially done to save sampling time, but the resulting artifacts soon became the signature of the device, and of whole musical trend.

This is exactly what the SP950 effect plugin intends to reproduce in a single slider: the RPM/detune slider combines the pitch of the source (markings on the left side, in RPM relative to 33 and in factors) with the detune of the SP (semitons value on the LCD) to compensate each other. The result is a constant duration and pitch output, with varying detune aliasing and bandwidth artifacts.”


  • Faithful SP sound
  • Akai* S950 filter emulation
  • Combined RPM/detune slider
  • Actual pitch remains unchanged
  • Multiple LCD color schemes
  • HiDPI / Retina compatible
  • No hassle registration (serial)
  • Free updates
  • VST3 / AU

Pricing and Availability:

SP950 is available now for 20€.

10 thoughts on “waveTracing Intros SP950 Effect Plugin Delivers ‘Gritty Sound, With Mandatory Aliasing Effects’

      1. nah its about recreating the weird artifacts of bad pitch shifting …
        u will hear that and the dropped samplerate plus filter
        u can not hear much of the 4 dropped bit 😉

  1. been saying forever this would make a bank in hardware. a pedal with curtis filter chip plus bit crusher with the 12pm mark at 12-bit 26.04khz. you could just run it between your vinyl player and your sampler.

    i even mocked it up in photoshop and looked into making it myself, just don’t have $20 g’s to pay a freelance engineer.

      1. Ok. But almost guaranteed someone chimes in here and calls me a pretentious moron or something.


        Like I said, I just want a pedal that converts to 12 bit at different sample rates to record vinyl or synths as bitcrushed and filtered wav files like the old samplers. Then I could make my normal song in Ableton or Digitakt or any modern 16/24 bit sampler.

        The person I spoke with basically told me it would be stupid, costly, and nigh impossible to put the AD7541 chip in a pedal so Idk if it could even be done. You could probably use some other IC for AD/DA that started at 16 or 24 bit, and you could add a knob for bit depth.

        In my ideal version, the sample rate knob clicks in 5 positions, 40kHz (Akai MPC60), 33.3kHz (Yamaha TX16W), 26.04kHz (E-mu SP-1200), + 18kHz and 11kHz if you wanted to go even lower fidelity.

        The filter settings are fairly straight forward. Low pass/High pass switch, Expression input for filter cutoff. Drive feeds the circuit back into itself. Stereo input/output is a must for stereo vinyl samples. The pic is for a 1590bb enclosure.

        It is also worth noting my pedal doesn’t account for the detuning they are talking about above so some would say my endeavor is pointless. But screw those people, my pedal would be awesome for the lofi hip hop and dance genres.

  2. I’ve had a version of this for over a year. It’s quite well done. I’d highly recommend trying it out (if a demo is available…. there didn’t used to be… I just bought it).

  3. Can someone please explain why there’s always someone quick to post “bit crusher” about things like this?
    If you hear the same thing that a bit crusher does when using this plugin then your next purchase should be either a ear test or a class for someone to properly demonstrate the difference between what a bit crusher does and what something like the SP, S950 or EPS actually does to a sample.
    Bit crusher are very useful but please stop assuming that every plugin is simply a bit crusher with a pretty skin, you are simply spreading bad info to others.

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