Sarah Belle Reid On Mobile Sound Design With The ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

In this video, electroacoustic composer & synthesist Sarah Belle Reid shares her thoughts on the new Hydrasynth Explorer.

Reid shares her perspective on the portability of the Hydrasynth Explorer and demonstrates how it can free you to do sound design anywhere you like. She also compares the Explorer against other versions of the Hydrasynth, discussing how the synth engine’s controls are adapted to the various form factors and the pros and cons of these differences.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the new Hydrasynth Explorer in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Sarah Belle Reid On Mobile Sound Design With The ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

  1. Nice work, Sarah. You’re a great ASM ambassador. Your music perked my ears up a lot, but its also nice to get that second-layer take on the feel of a new tool from a serious player.

    Its a solid line of instruments, so I figure you’ll soon see a stack made up of an Explorer, a Cobalt, a Take 5 and a Wavestate. I have soft synths that I like, but Hydrasynths are the best current *hardware* wavetable synths, just for total range.

  2. Excellent Video Sarah. I have the Explorer on order from Sweetwater. I currently have the Hydrasynth desktop n all I have say is that….well….speechless cause it’s so awesome. Surpasses all words that I can think of….The Hydrasynth has the largest footprint in my studio.

    Thank you again for a very good video.

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