Sequential OB-6 Patches for Ambient, Electronica & Techno – ‘Ergosphere’

Limbic Bits has introduced Ergosphere, a new sound pack for the Sequential OB-6 synthesizer.

It features 90 Sequential OB-6 patches, with a broad selection of pads, basses and leads, along with more complex arpeggiator and effect sounds.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Rhe sound pack reflects the vast possibilities of the OB-6. Many patches make use of cross-modulation, sync, FM, or the decoupled second oscillator.

Ergosphere also covers a wide range of sounds: Vintage leads in the style of Boards of Canada can be found equally as dreamy pads, heavy basses, and complex drones. Plus, almost every preset comes with its own sequence. A great starting point for your own ideas.”

Ergosphere Sequential OB-6 Patches includes:

  • Pads: 31
  • Lead: 26
  • Bass: 16
  • Arp: 9
  • SFX & Drones: 8

Pricing and Availability

Ergosphere is available now for $24 USD.

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