Moon Modular Intros 3 New MU Modules At Superbooth 2021

At Superbooth 2021, Moon Modular is introducing several new MU format modules, including:

  • The M 595 12 x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix;
  • The M 531 Voltage Controlled Analog Delay; and
  • The M 502 S Simple Voltage Controlled Amplifier.

The M 595 12 x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix, above, is a solution to manage the distribution and/or mixing of 12 by 12 DC-coupled and buffered inputs and outputs, fully analog with a high precision signal path.

It has 99 preset locations, so you can create sophisticated routing and mixing setups and then save and recall them as needed. For example:

  • You could take a single input and route it to multiple destinations;
  • You could take multiple signals and sum them; or
  • You could link pairs of inputs and outputs for routing sequencer CV/Gate or stereo audio.

Details are available via the Moon site (pdf).

The M 531 Voltage Controlled Analog Delay is an analog delay module, with two separate bucket brigade delay (BBD) lines:

  • A short one with 1024 stages; and
  • Along one featuring 4096 stages.

Both delays work simultaneously and one can fade between them to create multi-tap delay effects.

BBD delays are analog delays that essentially sample the state of the signal, store it, pass it down a series of capacitors in a manner similar to the idea of a firefighting bucket brigade, and then output it at the end of the chain.

An advanced clock noise cancellation circuit reduces unwanted BBD noise, without filtering higher frequencies of the audio ­signal.

Most parameters can be voltage controlled, allowing integration in a complex modular setup.

Finally, Moon has introduced the M 502 S Simple Voltage Controlled Amplifier.

This is a dual VCA module, in a single panel width. It features two signal inputs and outputs each, two modulation inputs, continuous linear/exponential controller, plus switchable AC/DC mode.

It’s a variation on their existing M 502 D Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier, which offers more extensive CV control, plus mix and ring mod outputs.

Here’s a video intro to the new modules, via Sonic State:

See the Moon site for details.




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