UDO Super 6 Desktop A ‘No-Compromise’ Compact Analog Hybrid Synthesizer

At Superbooth 2021, UDO Audio has introduced the Super 6 Desktop, a new synth that puts their Super 6 binaural analog hybrid synth engine into a desktop module.

Here’s the official intro video:

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Our brand new, compact and no-compromise take on the Super 6 — offering the irresistible combination of a powerful and accessible musical instrument with flexible and immediate control, gorgeous analog sound and unrivalled build quality. All in a desirable portable format designed to open the Super 6 to a new audience.”

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

23 thoughts on “UDO Super 6 Desktop A ‘No-Compromise’ Compact Analog Hybrid Synthesizer

    1. its only a concept so far, but its a cool concept

      unfortunately it wont benefit from lower cost manufacturing, which means you will probably pay a premium for it

      id be interested to see when it actually releases as a real product

    1. They have a signal path diagram for the keyboard version on their website. The signal path is 2x digital oscillator -> analog mixer -> analog hpf -> analog lpf -> analog vca -> bypassable digital fx -> analog mixer -> out. Since the oscillators are digital I’d still call that a hybrid synth, but “mostly digital” isn’t quite right either

    2. It’s essentially digitally controlled analog signal path.

      Digital oscillators send an analog signal into digitally controlled analog mixer, digitally controlled vcf and digitally controlled vca.

      Similar to the Peak/Summit, the idea is to get the best of both worlds.

      1. In the case of the Super 6, ‘binaural’ refers to independent audio paths for the left and right channels.

        That’s why it’s the ‘Super 6’, though it has 12-voice polyphony. It’s 12-voice in standard mode – where ‘stereo’ means chorus and panning effects, and 6-voice in binaural mode.

        I don’t think the ‘binaural’ term has anything to do with so-called ‘binaural beats’, but I wonder if this synth’s architecture could let you incorporate them into patches.

  1. Excellent. This is squarely in my wheelhouse. Another contemporary synth that will possibly be relevant 15 years from now. Lots of those recently. This is really a great time to be in to synths.

  2. Honestly, I’m disappointed. It’s not really a “New Instrument” as was initially reported. It seems this year’s Superbooth is focused on simply offering different sizes of models of previously released gear. Desktop Super 6, Deluxe HydraSynth etc rather than coming out with anything new and fresh.

  3. Somehow i did not expect them to make a desktop version. He always talks about the interface and the high end controls and i thought for him losing the keyboard was giving away to match direct control. Lucky for me there will be a desktop, i love that!
    Like other desktops would love more of a price difference with the keyboard but that is not going to happen every that part is just not that expensive.

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