Metasonix T1 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer First Look

Metasonix shared this first look demo of their upcoming T1 vacuum tube synthesizer.

The Metasonix T1 is a three oscillator vacuum tube synth, housed in custom wood case:

Specifications are to be announced, but the prototype appears to be a patchable monophonic vacuum tube synth. The panel shows sections for three oscillators, bandpass and lowpass filters and a VCA.

Other features include a ribbon control, sequencer and push-button keyboard.

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

50 thoughts on “Metasonix T1 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer First Look

  1. Good gawd that thing sounded dreadful. I’m sure it can be very musical and nice to play but, you wouldn’t know it by that horror of a demo. You might want to do yourselves a favor and put something up from that box that actually sounds musical.

  2. I don’t know what the other commenters are complaining about. This is a Metasonix product who are infamous for delightfully abusive harsh tube sounds. They dont have products like named assfister and scotum smasher for nothing. If you expect another rehash of yet another another ladder filter driven analog recreation of the 70’s vibe go elsewhere.

  3. This is indeed quite off putting. A shame after all that hard graft. Perhaps also a bit the result of how it is presented. Not very good audio recording and it would have been better if it had been playing a sequence, perhaps even through some effects. Perhaps there is a reason why synthesizers became popular once transistors were invented…

    1. Mewtasonix makes harsh noise pedals and the like such. Check them out. They make “fuck you ” noise pedlas that dont fit anywhere or anybody, thats why you dont like this synth.

  4. First impressions matter, and I would definitely not have introduced this new synthesizer with a cheap phone video demo with an awful sound and a patch/demo of a questionable quality. A lot of great synthesizer designers don’t seem to recognise they’re not good musicians/sound designers and should better leave the job of showing off their machines’ potential to people that have the talent to make most of their instruments.
    In French we have a saying that goes something like that: “the shoemakers always wear the worst shoes”.

  5. This is so bad I can’t stop laughing. Take away that video ! The conclusion of this demo is that parameters are to be called things like Screech, Squelch, Offltune, Scream, Break…

    In all seriousness, it looks beautiful, but throw away this video as fast as you can and start all over.

  6. definitely aims at that market segment that has problems evacuating (expecially in the sitting world of nerdsynthetist )
    expemple i express myself better 😀
    when you are forced to piss and if you don’t have a tap or a waterfall nearby you use obviuosly a sampler with some liquid samples

    anyway is their demo style

  7. i can’t blame metasonix probably what came out from the ass of people here sounding and have better quality of what theirs system spit out of

  8. I’m pretty sure that somewhere in this demo, the instrument produced “the brown note”. Anyway, George Harrison could have used this instrument when making the “Electronic Sound” album.

  9. Metasonix still manages to rustle people’s jimmies when they come out with a new standalone synth? When did synth nerds become such a bunch of tradition-obsessed squares?
    No, it’s probably not going to be a staple with your synthwave band or lofi-hiphop project, but it’s not trying to be.
    Since anyone buying this is probably already familiar with Metasonix circuits, I think the demo is mainly to show its basic functionality, rather than how it can sound in the hands of an expert.

    1. “When did synth nerds become such a bunch of tradition-obsessed squares?”

      Sadly, synth nerds are mostly wannabe musicians that want to live the ‘synth god’ dreams of their youths. Why do you think Behringer puts out nothing but nostalgia gear?

      90% of the synth nerds will laugh at this synth and think its trash. Then Reznor and Ross will use it on their next score and everybody will want it.

      Remember the Dewanatron Swarmatron? I talked to Leon Dewan at NAMM one year, and he was busy for years making Swarmatrons after The Social Network soundtrack came out.

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