New Eurorack Effects Processor, The Godfather, Wants To Spend Some Time With The Family

Enjoy Electronics, creators of the Reminder effects processor, has announced a new multichannel audio processor, The Godfather, in Moog’s 60hp Eurorack form factor.

The Godfather is designed to match the form factor of Moog’s Mother-32, DFAM & Subharmonicon. It gives you four independent channels of mixing functions and effects, including panning, compression, limiting, delay, filters, reverb and more.


  • 4 input channels with complex mixing functions (Compressor, Side Chain, Limiter, Shape EQ, Pan, Stereo Width, Gain Staging)
  • Independent effects per channel
  • 4 independent Delays
  • 4 Infinite/Looper Feedback
  • 4 Stereo Offset
  • 4 Double Pulse Delay
  • 13 HP/LP Filters
  • 4 Saturators
  • Reverb with dedicated HP filter
  • 2 assignable LFOs
  • 4 independent Trigger Buttons
  • 3 independent Triggering Modes for creative routing possibilities
  • 4 CV IN
  • 2CV OUT
  • 4 Channel Audio In
  • 4 Channel Audio Out
  • OLED Display
  • 60hp Eurorack format, with aluminum and wood case

Here’s a video overview from Superbooth 2021, via Sonic State:

Pricing and Availability

The Godfather is expected to be available in Q1 2022. Pricing is to be announced.

7 thoughts on “New Eurorack Effects Processor, The Godfather, Wants To Spend Some Time With The Family

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet but my aging eyeballs are immediately in love with those knobs. My Monologue would get used a whole lot more were it sporting a set of those lovelies.

  2. This is the godfather? They only produced software in a box so far. I mean take small steps and proof yourself first before presenting such names. lol

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