Elektron Model:Cycles, Model:Samples Now $250

Elektron today announced that it is cutting the prices of its Model:Cycles FM Groovebox and Model:Samples Groovebox for a limited amount of time.

Both grooveboxes combine Elektron sequencing with a simpler user interface and streamlined feature set.

Both are available with a US street price of $249, through Sept 30, 2021.

42 thoughts on “Elektron Model:Cycles, Model:Samples Now $250

    1. Music gear often ends up on clearance a couple of years after it’s introduced because sales taper off to nearly nothing as people forget it and move on to the next new shiny thing. If a manufacturer has a couple of thousand in inventory, large retailers like Sweetwater will run a blow out sale.

      If you have the self control to resist buying a product for a year or two, you usually get a much better deal. As a bonus, you tend to only buy gear that has appealed to you for a long time.

    2. Don’t you consider the time you’ve had to use it worth your $50? Pretty much ever tech device drops in price eventually. You need to consider that when you purchase.

  1. hmm as price stable as all the other Elektron gear is…now i am in the sack. bought it new when it came out. decided recently to sell it actually . the user interface still lets me think too much. specially when only sometimes using it.
    now i must keep it. maybe its a good thing. it s quite a unique instrument. i think this instrument is mend to introduce a certain market segment to elektron”s gear (philosophy)

    still hate it that the replacement 5v genuine adapter should cost more than 50 euro though. shipping is an extra 20.

    1. I misplaced my adapter for a minute and replaced it with a MyVolts Ripcord adapter, which basically does a DC to USB conversion for Model:Samples and Model:Cycles. Now I can plug it into my USB wall socket adapter or a battery for portable usage! It’s only $17!

  2. Damn that is a good price. I was about 4 songs into a Cycles album when I lost mine in a hotel shuffle and never got it back from the corporation and I *might* grab Cycles again at this price.

    It’s intuitive, fun to play, and easy to perform with.

  3. I had one and sold it a while ago, i didn’t like that I couldn’t really build sounds from scratch, had to build from presets 🙁 Maybe there is some sort of computer program to assist but I don’t want to have to use a computer with it.

    1. Why didn’t you research this first? It was pretty obvious you couldn’t directly sample into the Model: Samples without software and that the Cycles has preset algorithms unlike the Digitone. I wish I had the money to waste like you.?

  4. Back in 04/05 it took me almost a year to save $700 for a used mpc1000. Would’ve gave a kidney to have a sampler this feature rich for $250 back then. This isn’t for the old curmudgeonly synthtopia peeps, it’s for that kid just starting out, and it’s amazing they have this available to them.

    Heck, for $250, I might snag up those 6 tracks for just drums and then I’ll have 8 on the digitakt to get real interesting.

    Can you USB stream the 6 separate tracks of the M:S in Overbridge or nah?

    1. no you cant. and i think i v read Elektron state no overbridge for the model series

      you can stream stereo class compliant and to iOS though…

    2. i dont think you can compare a multiple-output sampler with a stereo output sample player. Even the mono sampling digitakt is not on par with the specs of mpc1000

    3. As great as this offer is, but all the kids just starting out I met couldn’t care less about hardware, they just use their phone.

  5. Apropos of nothing, I’m worried about Elektron. Nothing new lately except the Digitakt firmware update (which was awesome), Cenk leaving, the battery handle fiasco. I hope they’re ok over there.

    1. The only major manufacturer in the only country that didn’t lock down is also the only major manufacturer that hasn’t released a product since March 2020.

      They were advertising for a developer on instagram a while back, I think they need some coding talent and I hope they found it. They do already have one of the best product lineups out there, and it’s all built around environment, so they all play well together.

    2. Seems like they’re chugging along impressively, when you consider that in the last 3 years or so, they’ve introduced Digitakt, Digitone, Digitone Keys, Analog Heat mkII, Model Cycles, Model Samples, A4 mkII, Analog Rytm mkII, Octatrack mkII and Overbridge 2.0.

      What else? They’ve released cool updates to the firmware for pretty much all of their devices. Like updating the A4 and Analog Rytm to add MIDI sequencing. Who expected that? Awesome!

      That’s a ton of new stuff for any company, but especially for a small company and with a pandemic going on for the last year and a half.

      What other company can come close to putting out as much state of the art gear in the last few years?

    3. Maybe elektron needed that change (cenk and others leaving).

      Their instruments and updates to them are pretty much all the same “old” workflow.
      So much updates in fact that they seem a bit overloaded – all that button combos …

      Hope the new direction will be fortunate! … maybe even “Syntakt” starts a new era?

  6. Amazing they can do this, while other synth (&tech) companies had to increase prices because of chip shortage.

    Wonder if Syntakt will be this format – or the digitone and digitakt form factor – or a comletely new shape(?)

    A “model” that speaks subtractive synthsis would ofc also be welcome.

  7. Synthtopia Commenters once again proving actually reading the article is well beyond their comprehension because apparently every single person here missed “for a limited amount of time” in literally the first sentence.

  8. hm, the cycles is fun – I paid full price but had $150 in gift cards sitting around so it doesn’t kill me. I may want to pick up a samples now…..

  9. They did exactly this with all their machines at this Elektron jubilee few years ago and also a month before black friday there’s always a special like this…limited time it is and chill the f out it is :()

  10. Almost an impulse buy for that price. Cheaper than a VCA module from some Eurorack companies and does more than $10 grand worth of modules.

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