Porting Patches From The Korg Prologue To The Minilogue XD

Synthesist and developer boochow has created a Python script to automatically convert patches for the Korg Prologue to the Minilogue XD.

While the two synths have very similar voice engines, they have some notable differences, too, which means that some patches will translate more successfully than others. In this video, he compares these patches on the two synthesizers and notes where they sound the same and where they sound different.

The Minilogue XD versions of the Prologue patches are available to download via Google Drive.

3 thoughts on “Porting Patches From The Korg Prologue To The Minilogue XD

  1. I feel these machines should be pretty interchangeable from the jump. If you can load DX7 patches directly into a Kronos, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that there should be sysex patch compatibility between the different Prologue/Minilogue Xd files. Either way, I’m glad I got the latter – it’s a wonderful and compact vibe machine.

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