Ambient Music For Piano & Elektron Octatrack

This live performance by Luca Longobardi shows one of the reasons why many people that figure out the Elektron Octatrack love it.

While the Octatrack may be marketed with glitch techno demos, it’s an extremely deep and flexible piece of gear that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Here, Longobardi uses the Octatrack as a live looping multi-effects machine to process and accompany the piano performance – resulting in a performance that may bring to mind the work of Harold Budd or Nils Frahm.

Here’s what Longobardi shared about the technical details: “Basically, it continuously records and play what I play, effecting the recorded material with random reverse, glitchy delay and reverb effects (thank you LFOs and Trig Conditions!).”

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