Roland Jupiter-X Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This live performance by gattobus, Stargazing, showcases the Roland Jupiter-X synthesizer.

The performance uses a single 4-part scene, with no overdubs. The performance makes use of the Jupiter-X I-Arpeggio on two of the parts. Roland says that the I-Arpeggio analyzes your keyboard performance an chooses the ‘optimal arpeggio pattern’ in real time.

Technical details:

One synth Jam. JUPITER-X only, no overdubs. Chasebliss Audio CXM 1978 external FX reverb (25% wet).


3 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-X Synth Jam

  1. it has a sort of new iteration on the casiotone/karma style auto-accompany with AI variations and all that kind of thing, which ive always found pretty fascinating – because its definitely possible to utilize existing keyboard/piano skills in strange new ways

    1. Yes, casiotone for the 2020s. Sounds pretty great though and I expect it’s fun to jam with your robotic accompanist.

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