Akai Force Update Adds Disk Streaming, New Instruments & More

Akai Pro has released a free firmware update for the Force production workstation, adding 3 new plugin instruments, 7 insert effects, the new AIR Vocal Suite, class-compliant audio interface support for up to 32 channnels of I/O, Disk Streaming and more.

Here’s what’s new in Akai Force v3.1:

  • Disk Streaming for longer recording and playback with improved system performance
  • New plugin instruments Mellotron, Solina, and Odyssey
  • New insert effects Stutter, Half Speed, Diffuser Delay, Limiter, Stereo Delay, and Granulator
  • The new AIR Vocal Suite featuring Vocal Tuner, Doubler, and Harmonizer
  • Class-compliant USB Audio Interface Support
  • 10 insert effects assignable to FORCE pads
  • MIDI File Compatibility: load MIDI files into FORCE
  • Akai Sample Tail and more

See the Akai site for details.

9 thoughts on “Akai Force Update Adds Disk Streaming, New Instruments & More

  1. Akai are doing such a great job with these new products. I have the MPC X and am hoping we also get disk streaming soon but if not it’s still an amazing piece of hardware.

  2. I can’t help wondering what these machines would’ve been like if Apple didn’t cripple IOS too shit.
    The best looking display in the size you like and docked in your favorite gear would be so much nicer than what Akai or others still put in their devices today.

    The iPads/iPhones/iPods are more than powerful enough. All you need extra is the controls. It would make our gear cheaper by at least 50%.

    There have been things like this in the past but not much turned into a succes or usable after Apple dropped another update etc.

    1. What does Apple have to do with what Numark is making? Not the processors or screens, which both are tons better on eg. ipads. Which also have some cool stuff, like Cubasis, FabFilter, AudioDamage, Sugar Bytes, Eventide, ToneBoosters, DDMF, Sampler, Borderlands Granular, Model D, Model 15, Nave, Samplr and I could go on. Much more interesting synthesis options compared to the crippled stuff inside the Akais. With controllers like the Korg Nanokontrol Studio this is a way more flexible option. I agree that someone (Ableton) should make a dedicated controller/case and proper DAW, but if you can live with some track freezing it’s absolutely a viable platform with much cheaper plugins than on desktop.

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