New Sounds For The Korg microKorg, MS-2000

LFO has introduced Symbiosis, a new collection of sounds for the classic Korg microKorg minisynth & MS-2000.

The collection features a wide variety of 128 patch, including:

  • Strings & brasses
  • Ambient pads & drones
  • Plucks & bells
  • Basses
  • Arps & sequences
  • Emulations of iconic sounds
  • FX Sounds

The sounds are created by Nick Klimenko, and LFO says that they are perfect for “cyberpunk atmosphere, synthwave track, ambient & electronica vibes”.

Pricing and Availability

Symbiosis is available now, priced at $25.

3 thoughts on “New Sounds For The Korg microKorg, MS-2000

  1. Sets like this will become more popular while the chip shortage & backlogged orders work themselves out. Used synth prices have been rising, so start dusting off your older, less-used instruments. Besides, its a good set for a solid synth, with a chump-change price. I recommend them because they can really expand your palette. There’s usually a second synth hiding under the one your using.

    1. This is pretty up there with the US Patent office closing because everything that could possibly be invented already has been!

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