Analogue Solutions Intros Black Colossus Synthesizer

UK synth maker Analogue Solutions has introduced a limited edition Black version of their Colossus modular synthesizer.

Like the original, it’s a modular monster – visually inspired by the classic EMS Synthi 100, but with circuits based on AS’s own Polymath, Telemark & Vostok synths. It’s not designed to be practical – it’s designed to be an over-the-top, “once in a generation” mega synth.

And, while some might consider the £25K price of the Colossus obscene, the massive instrument has proven popular enough that Analogue Solutions announced a fourth production run earlier this year.

See the AS site for details on pricing and availability of the Black Colossus.

18 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Intros Black Colossus Synthesizer

  1. I really like this black edition but IMO the white pin matrix boards really spoil the goth aesthetic, as does the cream oscilloscope. OK I know the original Synthi 100/Delaware had white matrix boards but the VCS3 and Synthi’s all had black matrix boards… they still do. Anyway it’s not like I’m ever going to be in a finical position to order one – just thinking out loud.
    As you were…

  2. Its like they’re trying to get rid of a ton of those old beige oscilloscopes for the highest price possible without altering the actual oscilloscopes, just adding to them.

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