Roland Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Get Vocal Designer, Cloud Connect Add-Ons

Roland has introduced two new add-ons for their Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm synthesizers: Vocal Designer Model Expansion & Roland Cloud Connect.

Vocal Designer Model Expansion

After connecting a microphone to the rear panel of the JUPITER-X/-Xm, the Vocal Designer Model Expansion allows all types of synthesizer sounds to be controlled and modulated with vocal input. This enables the performer to create textures that blend the organic expression of the voice (the modulator) with a synthesized tone or instrument sound (the carrier).

The Vocal Designer Model Expansion includes 26 different vocal synthesis algorithms, with a wide range of customizable options. And any ZEN-Core tone can be used as a carrier.

In addition to new sounds, the Vocal Designer Model Expansion offers classic vocoder sounds derived from the legendary VP series, including choir and ensemble tones, robot voices, and more. And Roland notes that the Vocal Designer Model Expansion isn’t just for voice. It’s possible to use nearly any analog audio or USB input source as a modulator, including drum machines, guitars, DAW audio tracks, etc.

Audio Demos:

Roland Cloud Connect

Roland Cloud Connect is a new system for the JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm, providing wireless access to new sounds on demand.

After plugging the included WC-1 wireless adapter into their instrument, owners can use an iOS/Android mobile app to browse, audition, and install Sound Packs, Wave Expansions, Model Expansions, and more.

Roland Cloud Connect comes with a year of the Pro membership tier of Roland Cloud, including access to over 30,000 sounds, plus the Vocal Designer Model Expansion and other Model Expansions for hardware or software instruments.

Support for the Vocal Designer Model Expansion and Roland Cloud Connect is included with the free Version 2.0 update for the JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm.

Pricing and Availability:

The Roland Vocal Designer Model Expansion is available now as a Lifetime Key for $149 USD through Roland Cloud, or it is also included with Roland Cloud Connect Pro membership.

Roland Cloud Connect will be available in January 2022 through authorized U.S. dealers for $99 USD and includes the WC-1 wireless adapter as well as one year of Roland Cloud Connect Pro membership for hardware and software.

2 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm Get Vocal Designer, Cloud Connect Add-Ons

  1. The VP-770 really put more traditional vocoders in the rear-view. If you have one of these Jupiters, leap on Vocal Designer. It delivers a lot of power with ease. If you play it even halfway well, it makes people freeze in their tracks in wonder.

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