UDO Super 6 Firmware Update Adds New MIDI & Synthesis Options

UDO Audio has released a free firmware update for their Super 6 synthesizer, adding support for USB MIDI, new synthesis options & more.

“A lot of hard work has gone into this update, we feel that it brings the Super 6 up towards the level that it should be at,” they note. “There is a lot of untapped potential inside the Super 6 and we are now one (large) step closer to taking full advantage of it.”

Here’s what’s new in Super 6 Firmware v0.27:

  • MIDI CC/NRPN Send & Receive from all controls (besides some modal controls such as PATCH (1-8 & A-H), WAVE, SHIFT etc…)
  • Dramatic increase in resolution & precision of knob and fader controls with dynamic smoothing
  • Fully variable Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
  • Pan spread control in 12-voice mode
  • Added Decay Hold phase to envelope generators ENV1 and ENV2

Download the v0.27 release notes to read through the full list of changes.

11 thoughts on “UDO Super 6 Firmware Update Adds New MIDI & Synthesis Options

      1. yes it’s great for recall per project, easier to write automation and to see the true position of each parameter. having presets names and save as much as you want can be nice too.

        1. Yes i would love that. For a synth like this it will be the best way for me to revisit a patch. See what i have made before and make small adjustments. For other gear that includes a display interface i never feel much need for an editor but for this one i do.

          1. A horrid omission and terrible design choice for a synth that will most likely be used mostly by sound designers than live performance applications. The designer whom I have met multiple times now states that they wanted the user to focus on the sound and performance. I will never understand that, as though given the choice, the user would lose focus and somehow a screen would compromise their creative sensibilities?

    1. i agree, funny that i actually have ‘outboard’ synths for their sound, not for hands on control, even though i do enjoy turning knobs more than clicking. but having editors enables a super fast workflow and great way to rapidly save variations of patches etc.

  1. It sounds very nice in the demos floating around the web. However i wouldn’t call a high pass filter and a decay hold for each envelope “a lot of untapped potential”.

    1. they said it’s a step closer to take a full advantage of the “untapped potential”.
      and if you read the release notes you would see this update includes many other features.

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