New Gestural Controller, LAZER, Lets You Play Your Synths With Frickin’ Lasers

Swedish boutique manufacture Suonobuono has introduced the LAZER, a new controller that lets you add laser-based gestural control to any MIDI synthesizer.

The sensor measures the distance of the hand and transforms the sensor data into MIDI, analog and audio signals, according to user settings. Because it has an accuracy of 1mm and a configurable range of up to 50cm, LAZER gives you precise gestural control that can be used with sensitive parameters such as pitch and filter frequency.

In addition to its MIDI features, LAZER also has an on-board lo-fi oscillator that can be used as an audio source.


  • Laser-based music controller
  • MIDI, USB, Gate/CV and audio outputs
  • Flexible settings with OLED display and user presets
  • Control any parameter with an associated MIDI CC, adjust pitch bend, send MIDI notes, trigger a sequence, adjust tempo
  • Machined aluminum case
  • Powered by USB

Here’s an example of the LAZER being used to add gestural control to a Sequential OB-6:

Pricing and Availability:

LAZER is available for pre-order with a launch price of 119 Euros / 149 USD + tax/VAT. Shipment is expected by end of January.

20 thoughts on “New Gestural Controller, LAZER, Lets You Play Your Synths With Frickin’ Lasers

  1. The D Beam is back! Love that they set it up on a Roland in the second video. Price seems reasonable for the included features.

  2. For 50 euros I would buy it immediately; I think it has limited use, since you basically have to give up one hand. That you might have used on Pitch Bend /Modulation. Unless you use another part of your body. Use your imagination!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!

    From my perspective, it’s a pity they didn’t include a MIDI in and merge the laser thing with the MIDI input from a controller keyboard. The D50/OB6 demo is similar to how I would use it. But I assume they are having to use a separate MIDI merge box, just out of camera shot. This increases the cost and complexity a bit.

  4. it is col but a bummer that it just controls in one direction – I have an alesis airsynth that did IR control and beyond proximity it also has axis control

    1. The feel, and possiblities are different, AND the Show at your live Performance looks much more impressive! ???????

  5. Very nice and well-priced. Its definitely a good solution for those delicate moves that don’t always work well on some synths. Mini pitch-bend/mod wheels usually have a short throw that chaps my arse.

  6. “can be used in most light conditions with bare hands. It should however be avoided to point strong light sources directly to the sensor.”

    read: does not work in bright sunlight, does not work in a live show or at a club.
    meh, there is little point in waving your hand alone in the studio when no one can see this.

  7. Very beautiful housing! Really like it, but many of the Roland Synthesizers have a built in so called D-Beam! If you are a lucky man like I am, you saved a lot of money now and be able to Do the same??????????Bean me up scotty! ?

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