New Audio Plugin Lets You ‘Debird’ Your Recordings

Boom shared this video demo for Debird, an audio effect that they say removes bird noises from your recordings with ‘surgical precision’.

The AI-based tool uses machine learning to identify and remove bird sounds from location audio. You can isolate and solo the bird sounds, and even dial in custom levels of ‘debirding’.


  • Remove bird noises in real time.
  • Radically simplify and expedite your workflow.
  • Super-fast processing of audio files.
  • The advanced Machine Learning algorithm guarantees the most precise removal of bird sounds without audible loss of the desired sound frequencies.
  • Use the built-in filters to choose frequencies you want to keep to exclude them from the removal process.
  • Adjust the sensitivity to fine-tune the amount of removal.
  • Isolate and solo out the bird sounds, if desired.
  • Debird keeps learning on the job and will improve over time.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Debird is available with an intro price of $179.25 USD.

15 thoughts on “New Audio Plugin Lets You ‘Debird’ Your Recordings

  1. $180?? Lol

    With many years of production audio experience on numerous feature films and i don’t know how many short projects, bird noise has never ever been an issue. Generally if there is a film crew around birds just take a hike away from the area. This is just piggybacking on some open source source software for bird call identification.

    Now software that allegedly removes sirens or airplane noise would find a ready market, but this is a solution in search of a problem.

    1. I disagree, if you do field recordings you’ll know that a good part of the cleaning an outdoor recording is removing the birds, say for example you are recording a gun or an explosion you don’t want birds in the decay of the sounds. The issue I have is the pricing point. You can do this already and with more control in RX but it’s time more consuming. For 50% I would buy it right away.

  2. Why would one need to “debird”, when we all know that they aren’t real creatures? Everyone knows that Big Avian has been planting false memories of these alleged “birds” into people’s minds.

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