New Music From Lisa Bella Donna, Appalachian Wilderness, Plus Classic Fantasy Synth T-Shirts

Behind The Sky has released Appalachian Wilderness, by ‘synth sorceress’ Lisa Bella Donna.

The album features two long-form synthesizer compositions, that the label says “further establishes Lisa Bela Donna as the torch bearer for analog synth-based Berlin School music.”

For fans of classic electronic music sounds – Mellotron, Arp 2600 and Moog synths – Lisa Bella Donna has created a set of sonic journeys inspired by the Appalachian wilderness.

Bella Donna plays Moog Synthesizers & Sequencers, ARP 2600, Mellotron, Organ, ARP String Ensemble, Polymoog, Reel to Reels, Gongs, Chimes & Bells.

Appalachian Wilderness is available via Bandcamp. You can preview the album below.

Behind The Sky & Bella Donna have also created some amazing t-shirts to celebrate the new album.

Witch Moon, right, is a synthtacular psychedelic portrait of the sonic sorceress.

The artwork is by Dan Lerner / Omnigraphicon. The design is available on a classic unisex jersey short sleeve t-shirt, in sizes from small to 3xl.

Skull Synth, below, is by Masruron Nihayanto and seems to channel classic 70’s fantasy book cover designs by artists like Frank Frazetta.

The t-shirt art features a desolate landscape, littered with skulls, and dominated by a nude woman and her 4-tiered modular synthesizer. In other words, it’s exactly what you’d want to have airbrushed on a 70’s conversion van full of analog synth gear.

The Skull Synth design is available in sizes from small to 3xl.

Both shirts are made with 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton t-shirts.


37 thoughts on “New Music From Lisa Bella Donna, Appalachian Wilderness, Plus Classic Fantasy Synth T-Shirts

    1. I’m actually impressed. It shows she is human, and not some total stiff. I say go with it. It is basically, saying, synth, naked and raw. It has a message itself.

  1. This is exactly what we do not need; I mean, the nude t-shirt image is what we do not need; the music is fantastic. I can only imagine the staunch supporters of “muff” and “slutz”will interpret this as a shining example of how women should be commodified for the male gaze. Barf.

    1. I don’t think an artist’s main concern should be to give us “what we need”. This shirt does not depict the human body in an exploitative manner, but in an artistic way. How you, me or anyone else interprets it is completely on us, not on the artist herself.

      1. Agreed. I hope we all consider how narrow our experiences will become if we put art through the same filters we put our news and social commentary through.

    2. Women are not as offended by the female body as you are. If only she had a burka on and knew her place in the world. I personally think this is some generational thing. I am of her generation, and we weren’t offended by everything growing up.

  2. Tipper Gore would have loved the comments here. She was ahead of her time!
    Also what’s your problem with the female form?
    Lastly, you think this was somehow done without the artist’s permission?

  3. I don’t know…from that short preview it sounds like more of the same. A rehash of what she’s done before and what’s been done since synthesizers became mainstream. And there’s nothing about the music that evokes any kind of wilderness in me. In all fairness, I’ve never liked the music she puts out. Respect to her as a musician, but it’s not for me.

      1. and why should anyone care about the artistic predilections of rando people who are failures in their own musical careers?

    1. You listen to 30 seconds of a clip and draw a conclusion on an entire record? Then say you don’t like what Lisa does I’m the first place? What is wrong with you people? Are you just really that bored? Why be so bothered by what an artist does? She puts out a lot of quality work using classic instruments and analog tape. If you’ve ever tried to do that exclusively, you’d soon find out it takes great skill and foresight. I bought and listened to both of her recent recordings, I find it inspiring to find an artist who can handle this approach on the high level that Lisa does. Her music and way of sequencing is beautiful. Her solos are fire. You grumpy kids should listen more and complain less.

  4. On a cultural history note, I thought that style of t-shirt died out in the late 1970s. I admit my own bias has me imagining the exact type of person who would wear that today.

  5. There’s nothing in her music here that stands out to me….sounds rehashed….also, the art here is nothing new either…….what do these t-shirts have in common with her music??? I don’t see a connection….

  6. The Witch Moon illustration unfortunately resembles some Disneyland promotional material. Does Spencer Gifts still have that black light poster room in the back? Is Spencer still in business?

  7. There is a lot going on with that 2nd t-shirt. Iron-on-ically, I find it thought provoking. I would never wear it. Those not in the know would think I was a creepy boomer. But, for some people, sure, in the right context.
    It’s a strong statement, especially for those who understand the subtext.

    Hasn’t Atagahi already been released, though?

  8. Regardless of the content of the illustration, does anyone think that Belladonna didn’t have approval over a t-shrit with her name written across it?

  9. re: the 2nd T-shirt: The line between “exploitation” and “celebration” is to be drawn by the artist alone; what you take from it is your business. For me, having lived through the ’70s, the art is a spot-on representation of a classic trope, perfectly appropriate for LBD and “retro” electronic music. It honors and celebrates the heroic female form, just as the Hildebrandt brothers did with countless superhero illustrations. It’s not a woman used; it’s a woman in possession of her power. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Meanwhile… grow up!

    1. Pete

      Most of our readers understand that they can share any perspectives in Synthtopia comments that they have about things – synths, software, music, etc. – but that personal attacks on people, or groups of people, will be deleted. Consider this a reminder.

      You also seem to be confused about the nature of censorship and free speech. Freedom of speech means that we don’t have to share hate speech, racism, sexism, personal attacks and other BS on our platform. You’re free to have whatever opinions you may have and we are free to publish them or not.

      We encourage you to take responsibility for expressing your views in a constructive manner on the site. If you find that to be an unreasonable hurdle, that is your choice to make.

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