VCV Rack 2 Virtual Modular Synthesizer Now Available To Download

VCV Rack Creator Andrew Belt has announced that – after 2 years of development – VCV Rack 2 is now available.

VCV Rack 2 is a major update to the popular virtual Eurorack modular synthesizer. The update delivers more than 100 new features, including the option to use Rack 2 as a plugin within your DAW.

VCV Rack is designed to offer the flexibility of modular synthesis, without the cost of a hardware system.

Here’s what’s new in VCV Rack 2:

  • Dark room mode, with adjustable room brightness.
  • Module selections to save, share, edit, and move around selections of modules. (New .vcvs selection format.)
  • Enhanced module browser to zoom, favorite, and sort your module collection.
  • Redesigned UI and built-in modules.
  • Port tooltips, context menu, and key commands for faster control of patch cables.
  • Optimized real-time engine with multiple audio interface support (if supported by manufacturers’ drivers).
  • Add/remove individual modules from the VCV Library to fine-tune your module collection.

VCV Rack 2 Pro also includes a VST plugin, for full integration with your DAW:

  • Save patches inside your DAW project.
  • Instrument/effect plugin.
  • Up to 16 audio input/output channels.
  • Process vocals, guitar, etc. with Rack as an effect plugin.
  • Perform Rack as an instrument plugin with 8 stereo (or 16 mono) outputs.
  • Send recorded or live DAW tracks directly into Rack using 8 stereo (or 16 mono) “sidechain” inputs.
  • 16 MIDI input/output channels.
  • Generate MIDI for other DAW tracks with Rack’s sequencer modules.
  • Record and play back notes, gates, and CV with MIDI clips in your DAW.
  • Parameter automation of up to 1024 knobs, sliders, and buttons in your patch so you can record, play back, and tweak your modular performance.
  • Multiple instances with low processing overhead.
  • Offline rendering when exporting your project mixdown or pre-rendering tracks.
  • Resizable plugin window.

Pricing and Availability

VCV Rack 2 is available now, with the following options:

  • Free (open-source): Standalone application.
  • Pro ($149 regular price, $99 until 2022): Standalone, VST2, more plugin formats coming soon.
  • A bundle containing Rack 2 Pro + VCV Drums + VCV Sound Stage is also available until 2022 for $139, having a regular price of $209.

8 thoughts on “VCV Rack 2 Virtual Modular Synthesizer Now Available To Download

  1. Server issues resolved, its go time. All of th eplugins aern’t available…yet. I’m sure more developers will come on board and update. My favorite reverb “Plateau” from Valley isnt 2.0 yet so im at a loos for now, but I hope they update soon. As far as th eother functionality, its great.

    VST plugin works great in Ableton, sync is super tight. Able to use a midi track and skip the modular sequencers. Works as an FX plusing as well which is double good. Run synths through a ton of vcv FX with sequenced modulation. Only downside is no AU version so I cant use my goto DAW, Logic Pro X. I’m trying to get out of the ableton bosum but VST support trumps Logic Pro AU only nonsense. Not dealing with wrappers, I’m sure it’ll create some new problems and I’d rather just cut my losses. Ableton aint that bad, i just dont like the interface.

  2. Looking forward to trying this. Am hoping (without expectation or evidence) that it is more touch-screen friendly. It’s so cool to have a 22″ touch screen running VCV alongside my actual eurorack. Almost certain to buy anyway, as it is an incredible program.

    1. Forgot about that. Will be checking my surface pro to see how it holds up. Was already working in VCV 1 just a little buggy and the surface specs weren’t holding up. Will report back with any finding on VCV Rack 2 and touchscreens.

      1. Vcv Rack 2 and a Surface pro 7 with a stylus, works but not good at all. Fingers worked but worse than the stylus. I had better luck with the stylus on VCV Rack 1. At least rotating dials quickly. With Rack 2, you rotate one dial then have trouble get the next knob to register. Suck but not a deal breaker, dont really like productivity with touchscreens, being precise always becomes an issue.

  3. Module selections looks amazing. Loading in entire synth voices at once? Yes, please. Or, set of sequencers that are already patched to work in tandem? Yes, please. And, and, and… Lovely.

  4. Awesome. Haven’t tried pro version yet but if it is stable I can see me never using any other synth plugin. I love the dark room mode.
    Stand alone version is crashing a lot with me at the minute (patch with only a few of vcv’s own modules) and some modules not working for me (eg: midi map). Hopefully these issues will get resolved soon as version 1 has been very stable for me.

  5. Integrating this with my Eurorack Hardware has been a dream and has stopped me from expanding my hardware beyond my finances. Plus it has allowed me to focus on quality audio and leave some of the control to VCV

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