Free Editor For The E-mu Emax I

Andreas at PhillyFlazh has released a free patch editor for the E-mu Emax 1.

The E-MU EMAX SE MIDI editor lets you:

  • Control the analog side of your EMAX.
  • Change arpeggio settings live on the computer via MIDI
  • Name your presets. Move the slider to the letter you wanna select.
  • ┬áNow you can easy write automation for yor E-MU Emax

It’s available now as a free download for Mac & Windows.

One thought on “Free Editor For The E-mu Emax I

  1. I wonder how many Emaxs are still working at all. The ones I have seen were mostly IIs with modern OLED-like displays and flash memories containing the libraries. No floppies. I’m sure a few owners will squeeee over this, because editing older instruments can be a double chore now. If I had a v.1, I’d be one of them.

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