BOSS RC-505 MK2, RC-600 Looper Hands-On Review

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new Boss RC-505 MK2 & RC-600 loopers, and compares the RC-505 to the original.

Check out the review and share your thoughts on the new Boss loopers in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
2:00 Overview
6:05 Effects slots
8:50 FX demos
13:00 FX seq
14:10 Track settings
16:30 Rec/play
17:45 600 vs 505MK2
19:00 Modes
20:50 Customization
22:10 Push hold click
24:15 600 vs 300
24:40 505 MK2 vs OG
25:55 FX banks
27:20 Rhythms
28:00 Mark
30:20 Timestretch
31:20 Custom beats
33:25 Tone studio
33:55 Misc settings
35:10 Assigns
37:20 Pros & cons
40:50 On the Floor
46:50 Parachute

5 thoughts on “BOSS RC-505 MK2, RC-600 Looper Hands-On Review

    1. The Yamaha DJX was the first keyboard my hands had ever touched. I was going to Parsons in NY and a friend went to pick one up. We spent weeks recording whatever into her Mini-Disc recorder (this was like 1999). Since then, I bought it from her, grabbed a SP 303 and got busy. The DJX was my entry into music production.

  1. Loopop did a fantastic job with these reviews/tutorials of the new RC-505 & RC-600 loopers. Roland sure packed a bunch of features and effects into these boxes.

  2. I had the 505 and 202. Cool stuff but just couldn’t get used to it. While the MK2 has more control and a bigger display there’s still a lot of menu diving and even though you could add a MIDI controller it’s still too much hassle for me. I’ll rather wait for Loopy Pro which looks to be something way more flexible and affordable.

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