UDO Super 6 Desktop Now Available

UDO Audio has announced that the Super 6 Desktop, a new synth that puts their Super 6 binaural analog hybrid synth engine into a desktop module, is now shipping.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • A full featured Super 6 Analog Hybrid 12-Voice Synthesizer in a beautifully designed, compact, portable, all metal desktop chassis.
  • Ergonomic features such as VESA mount compliance, optional rack ears (7U) and robust flip up feet offering versatile integration into your studio.
  • Large format, high quality potentiometers and switches for unparalleled tactile feel and exemplary lifespan.
  • Additional features such as drift control, independent control of analog high-pass filter, pan spread control, advanced envelopes and polyphonic aftertouch.
  • Polychain option (with Super 6) and MPE operability in future update.

Pricing and Availability

The UDO Super 6 Desktop is available now for $2399 USD.

10 thoughts on “UDO Super 6 Desktop Now Available

    1. Removing the keyboard and reducing the case size probably saves them about $250 per unit in manufacturing costs (excluding the tooling and design costs). They’re selling the desktop for $600 less than the keyboard version.

      1. for info
        it is 200 euro less at T
        so for me too….ouch, seems you have to pay for vesa and feet ,even if you will never use or need them
        will stay patient and wait for the osmose ( not comparing of course)

        1. seems like the price of the keyboard is not updated on some shops.
          i don’t see how a vesa (it just holes) or the feet added much to the cost, but they are very practical.
          a desktop version is not necessarily to save in cost, it is for whoever wants a keyboardless version. i don’t think nobody who wants it will be bothered by the price difference.

  1. I hope they keep updating and improving this synth for a very long time. I got the feeling this synth could turn into one of those iconic synths. Love the grey NASA vibe, though could use some gorgeous side panels on it. 🙂

  2. UDO is one of the most exciting new synth designers around. This box is beautiful and I will probably pick one up after my tax refund comes back next spring. We see so much junk coming out lately but they are doing a really great job and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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